Reopening of Château de Champs-Sur-Marne

29 June 2013
Closed since 2006 for refurbishment, the lovely Château de Champs-Sur-Marne will hold its grand public reopening at the end of June.

Located just 18km outside of Paris, the famed Château de Champs-Sur-Marne was first constructed by the king’s architect in 1699 for the royal treasurer. Over the years of its storied history, it transferred hands many times. Once inhabited by the Princesse de Conti, the illegitimate daughter of King Louis XIV and his first mistress, it was also famously occupied by the Duke de la Vallière and Madame de Pompadour, the mistress of Louis XV. In more recent years, the scenic grounds were used as a film set for Sofia Coppola’s film, “Marie-Antoinette”. Visitors will be welcomed to the Château from June 29th for the first time in seven years; the residence’s 200-acre park and gardens should not be missed.

29th June 2013 onwards
31 rue de Paris
77420 Champs-Sur-Marne
Tel: +33 (0)1 60 05 24 43

Photo © besopha