Alexandria the Divine at the Fondation Bodmer

05 April 2014 - 31 August 2014
Simultaneously a library and a museum, the Fondation Bodmer’s new exhibition will shine a spotlight on the ancient city of Alexandria.

Founded by Alexander the Great, Alexandria was, for a thousand years, at the nexus of ancient Hellenistic, Roman and Egyptian societies, and has been described as the birthplace of the globalisation of ideas. This new exhibition at the Fondation Bodmer assembles hundreds of artefacts and priceless treasures, in partnership with other collections, to explore the cultural and historical heart of this incredible city. Included among the exhibits will be papyri and original manuscripts, as well as archaeological objects and photographs that evoke Alexandria past and present.

5th April – 31st August
Fondation Martin Bodmer
19-21 Route Martin Bodmer
1223 Cologny
Tel: +41 (22) 707 44 33

Image © Frédéric Möri