Corporate Responsibility

At Le Meurice, we recognise that delivering the highest quality service means doing so in a way that demonstrates corporate responsibility – responsibility to our guests, fairness in how we treat our staff, support for the wider community, and care to ensure that we minimise our impact on the natural environment. 

To this end, we have created a corporate responsibility team, which draws on staff from across the hotel.  The team is led by a member of our executive committee, and champions action and monitors performance. A focus of our launch effort has been to communicate the importance of sustainable development to our staff.

We are backing awareness-raising with practical action. We have, for example, taken a wide range of steps to minimise our environmental footprint.  One important initiative has been the launch of a study being carried out by independent experts to understand and measure our baseline carbon emissions. 

In other areas, we have introduced taps which reduce water consumption and carried out a phased introduction of energy efficient light bulbs. We are monitoring and analysing the savings this is delivering. We have introduced the use of high-quality hybrid cars for guest transportation. We have a recycling effort under way covering a range of materials used in the hotel.  We are also working with suppliers to communicate our environmental and social goals to ensure that our aspirations are reflected in the goods and services we buy and the suppliers we work with.

We also seek to make a positive contribution to the community. As well as initiatives like providing food and hotel linen to needy groups, we have created the award-winning Palacité programme. This initiative, run with our sister hotel the Plaza Athenée, provides opportunity for young people from disadvantaged areas to receive training in our industry. Many of those who have been involved in the programme have gone on to take jobs with us, or within the wider hotel industry.