10 March 2015

Le Meurice Beauty Nights

Because it nourishes both body and mind, Spa Valmont pour Le Meurice is dedicating an evening each month to exploring new wellbeing topics, which will make for a fascinating year!                                                                        Find out more
10 March 2015

The Little Indulgences collection at Le Meurice

When colourist to the stars Christophe Robin met Cédric Grolet, one of the most talented pastry chefs of his generation, the result was an explosion of colours and flavours. Together, the two artists have created the Lit... Find out more
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10 March 2015

Meurice Prize for contemporary art 2015-2016

After seven successful editions and the launch of its own contemporary art collection, Le Meurice celebrates this year, in addition to its 180th anniversary, the 8th edition of the Meurice Prize for contemporary art. Find out more
20 June 2014

Le Meurice is pleased to announce its 180th anniversary

To welcome the summer, Le Meurice is pleased to announce its 180th anniversary and the launch of months of festivities celebrating our history and heritage.                                                                                                                      Find out more