Don Juan or The Feast with the Statue

01 December 2013 - 09 February 2014
Don Juan or The Feast with the Statue, a favourite play by
comedic French playwright Molière, will debut this season at the Comédie

Don Juan, a character who embodies
the classic ‘Casanova’ role, finds himself in situations both amusing and
perilous in this rollicking new take on Molière’s timeless play. First
performed in 1660, Don Juan or The Feast with the Statue follows the exploits
of the young man as he seduces women before abandoning them, all under the
watch of his exasperated servant Sganarelle. The situation, however, turns dire
when a stone sculpture turns to life and invites Don Juan over for supper. In
this production, renowned director Jean-Pierre Vincent will lead the
performance, while Loïc Corbery will star in the title role.

Until 9th February 2014
Comédie Française
Salle Richelieu
Place Colette
75001 Paris
+33 1 44 58 14 00