Turandot at the Royal Opera House

10 March 2014
A new staging of Puccini’s last, classic opera, the Royal Opera House’s production of Turandot offers a sumptuous and breathtaking spectacle.

Directed by the influential Andrei Serban, Turandot is a dark and dreamy fairytale-like story of Princess Turandot, who says she will never marry unless her suitor correctly answers three riddles. Prince Calaf, who is enchanted by the Princess, takes up the challenge, though death awaits if he answers incorrectly. Opera lovers adore Turandot for its soaring arias, including ‘Nessun dorma,’ one of opera’s most famous pieces. Serban’s staging sets the timeless work against colourful sets inspired by ancient Chinese culture, a unique take on the opera.

9th September 2013 – 10th March 2014
Royal Opera House
Bow Street
London WC2E 9DD
+44 (0)20 7304 4000

© Johan Persson