Ultimate Leonardo Experience

Uncover the life and works of the famous Renaissance artist To celebrate the 500th anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci, we’re offering a choice of exclusive experiences to learn the fascinating history of the artist. Choose to get up close to the artist’s famous masterpiece, ‘The Last Supper’ at the Santa Maria delle Grazie church, or […]

The Beverly Hills Hotel on the silver screen

Throughout the hotel’s history, we’ve had plenty of starring roles in classic movies. Join us for a slice of history and a Hollywood movie tour of the famous Pink Palace.

Spa and Stay

Your time to be pampered. Let us take care of you

Explore Milan with Ezio Indiani

Ezio Indiani has been our loyal and dedicated general manager at Hotel Principe di Savoia for many years now. Here he shares with us his love of the hotel and what makes Milan such a magical place for him.

Milan and the genius of Leonardo da Vinci

Having lived in Milan for many years, it’s fitting that the city is celebrating the visionary thinking and creative genius of Leonardo da Vinci with a series of major exhibitions.

Explore Rome with Luca Virgilio

Our charismatic general manager at Hotel Eden, Luca Virgilio, is passionate about his family, his hotel and the city of Rome.

Fresh and incredibly delicious

Get a taste of what’s to discover at Dorchester Collection’s array of restaurants and hear from the chefs about the local dish that is definitely not-to-miss.