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Dorchester Collection Academy

Prepare to be inspired

From collaborative group sessions to immersive experiences, our training methods are truly unique. We spend time getting to know you, your structure, objectives and team, before building a training programme tailored to your business. This is where the adventure begins.

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Getting to know you

We know that no two companies are the same, which is why we tailor our courses to you and your goals. Wherever possible we prefer meeting in person, though we can arrange virtual meetings too. By understanding your vision for the future of your business, we can recommend the right solution.


Our plan of action

Our approach to supporting you typically involves four phases:

Explore – we get to know your business through meetings and observations, and agree the project objectives.

Proposal – we present the best solution for your desired outcome.

Creation – we design and develop the materials, liaising with the key stakeholders to best represent your business.

Delivery – we plan your programme schedule – either on or off-site – including regular review meetings.

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We’re here for you

It’s more than just training; it’s a partnership. When we work with you, we collaborate on every detail to develop a strong, long-term business relationship. We’re here to help guide and support you throughout your programme, from communications and planning to post-training feedback. It’s all part of our service.


Going undercover

For an authentic, behind-the-scenes perspective on areas of improvement, we can conduct mystery shopping to help identify training needs for employee standards. It’s also a great way to measure improvements made after training.

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A day in the life of your customer

We can help your people really understand the world of your customers. Whether it’s a tour of one of our hotels, breakfast or an overnight stay, we’ll ensure that the learning is extracted and your employees take home some new ideas for creating exceptional customer interactions.