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Trainers Excellence Series

Let us help you become the very best leader you can be. This series ranges from short, on-the-job courses to a full programme of learning, combining both theory and practical elements to help you train your teams at a certificated level.

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Tailored to you

When you join a course, you’ll have the opportunity to develop or deliver training sessions specific to your business. Each course is suitable for all levels of experience and is facilitated by a seasoned master of training. Available for a minimum of four and maximum of eight per group.

two days

Practical Training Certificate (Level 1)

• Structuring a practical training session
• Adapting training to different learning styles
• Securing the trainees’ attention
• Breaking the training process down into logical steps
• Using questions to keep trainees involved
• Checking trainees’ understanding
• Giving constructive feedback

five days

Practical Training Certificate Licenced Trainer (Level 3)

• PTC Code of Practice
• How to deliver the three-day PTC programme
• Introduction to the PTC marking criteria and assessment
• Marking practice
• Feedback skills
• PTC one-to-one sessions, delivery and feedback

one day

Introduction to Effective Training Certificate (Level 1)

• The benefits of training
• The difference between presentations and training sessions
• Learning styles and overcoming barriers to learning
• The learning cycle
• Introduction to setting learning objectives
• Essential skills and tips for effective training
• Using flipcharts and PowerPoint
• Training practice and evaluation

three days

Group Training Certificate (Level 2)

• Setting and writing instructional objectives
• Structuring a training session
• Using different techniques to handle groups and individuals
• Practical ways to check understanding and increase participation
• Training skills
• Using visual aids and handouts to make the most impact
• Two assessment practice sessions
• Setting action plans

five days

Group Training Certificate Licenced Trainer (Level 3)

• How to deliver the Group Training Certificate
• GTC Code of Practice
• Introduction to the GTC marking criteria for assessments
• Marking practice
• Giving feedback to GTC delegates