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Virtual learning

We understand it’s not always easy to find time for in-person development, so let us bring the training to you with our virtual Zoom sessions, which offer engaging, interactive learning from the comfort of your home or office.

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Designed for busy schedules

All our virtual training sessions are between 90 minutes and two hours, with short breaks at intervals. We keep the groups small to make sure every attendee takes away something personal and meaningful to apply in their role. Many of our virtual sessions have been approved by the CPD Standards Office.


Customer service

Fundamentals of Great Service (Part One and Two)
Make It Personal, Make It Memorable
Pulling Together and Supporting Your Organisation
Reshaping Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging
Sense of Luxury
The Art of Small Talk
Ultimate Welcome
Understanding the Emotional Needs of the UHNW
What’s in a Name?
A Certain Way of Life
Empowerment in the Workplace
Gracious and Elegant Service


Inspirational Leadership
Decision Making
Effective Working Relationships
Empowerment for Leaders
Enabling Creativity in Your Teams
Enabling Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging
Handling Difficult Conversations
How to Present Like a Pro
Motivating Different Generations
Who’s Listening to Your Customers?
Ultimate Employee Experience
Priority Management
Selecting Your Leadership Style