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Coworth Park

Jogging guide

The beautiful grounds of Coworth Park are perfect for guests looking to go for a run during their stay.

Running map of Coworth Park, Ascot

1.7 mile mile route (2.8km)

Come out of the hotel’s front door and turn right, then right again down towards the tennis court. Take the path to the left down to Dower House and then run around the Dower House lake to the right. The path takes you right again past the lime grove and around the edge of the meadow towards the main entrance of the hotel grounds.

From here simply follow the path around to the left, skirting the polo field. This route continues around the edge of the second polo field and comes back down the public footpath past the smaller lake. Once you reach the bridge, turn left and head back towards the sunken garden. This will then take you back to Dower House lake, where you can meander your way back to the hotel between the stables and tennis court.


Coworth Park estate – Situated on 240 acres of parkland, there is so much to see around the estate including a meadow, gazebo, sun terrace and stables.
Polo fields – These fantastic polo fields are managed by the internationally-renowned Guards Polo Club. The polo season runs from April through to September each year.
Dower House – This detached three-bedroom house is available for private use and is decorated in keeping with the overall equestrian theme of the hotel.
The Savill Garden – One of the world’s most beautiful ornamental gardens, you can find this in Great Windsor Park, just outside the hotel.

Running tips

Make sure you take suitable running clothes with you – it’s never nice to experience chaffing mid-run. It’s also important to wear good-fitting shoes as you don’t want to end up with blisters on the far side of the polo field.
Warm up well before your run and eat a nutritious meal at least two hours before setting off – you need to give your stomach time to settle down before doing intense exercise.
Check your route before you set off – although it’s a circular route it’s easy to get off track when you aren’t familiar with your surroundings.
Cool down properly once you finish your run to prevent waking up with sore muscles. Hold each stretch for around 30 seconds and walk the last few minutes back to the hotel.

Ascot running etiquette

Stay on the path around the polo fields and run in single file.
Let other runners know if you are going to overtake them by giving them a heads-up.
Take any rubbish and water bottles back to the hotel with you.

Fitness centre

If the weather isn’t nice enough for a run or you want to stay at the hotel to workout, make sure you check out Coworth Park’s light and airy gym. With views out over the treetops and state-of-the-art Technogym equipment, you can fit in your workout before relaxing at the spa.

Personal trainer, Mike Charles, is also on hand at the hotel to help tailor your exercise routine to your individual requirements.