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We are looking for passionate, dedicated and innovative talent to join Dorchester Collection. Potential candidates must have a passion for excellence, a warm, friendly and positive attitude, and strong communication skills.




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Fraudulent job opportunity email scam

Dorchester Collection has been the subject of a fraudulent job application scam. This scam targets individuals who have registered with job search websites. Fraudulent job offers and job application forms are being sent by email enticing individuals to disclose personal information and pay money on the pretence of securing work and residence permits. THESE EMAILS AND ATTACHED APPLICATION FORMS AND LINKS ARE NOT REAL AND ARE NOT FROM OUR COMPANY. PLEASE DO NOT RESPOND TO THEM IN ANY WAY. Whilst these emails may appear genuine as they make unauthorised use of Dorchester Collection’s hotels, name, logo and address etc, they are in fact not real. We are taking all measures within our power to stop this fraudulent activity.


What do I do if I receive such an email?

If you receive such emails or application forms, please do not respond to them and in particular do not send any money. Please attach the email to a new email and send it to us immediately at [email protected] If you have already responded to such an email, please contact us immediately at the above address, supplying all relevant details.