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Art Deco Shorts

Our longstanding relationship with Art Deco tells a fascinating tale of art, architecture and interiors, reflected in many of the unique details around the hotel. We’re delighted to be joined by art historian Cathy Wills for a new series delving into this remarkable period.

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Cathy Willd smiling in front of one of her abstract artwork ( a pink sculpture)

An eye for art

Cathy Wills is a contemporary art curator, collector and long-standing advocate of global artists and visual arts organisations. It’s a pleasure to welcome Cathy as she shares her passion for the dazzling world of Art Deco.


Watch our series of conversations as Cathy meets international experts to explore this glamorous era through art, architecture, design, cinemas, ocean liners, furniture, ceramics and vintage spirits.

An Introduction to Art Deco with Ghislaine Wood, Acting Director, Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts

Art Deco Design at Auction with Jeremy Morrison, Head of Design Europe, Christie’s

The History of 45 Park Lane, The Building & The City with Paul Fineberg, Architect and City Strategist

Art Deco Theatres & Cinemas in Britain with Elain Harwood, Architectural Historian

Ocean Liner Architecture & Interiors with Professor Bruce Peter, Design History, Glasgow School of Art

Art Deco Furniture & Ceramics with Cecilia Kendall, Curator of Decorative Arts, Brighton Museum

Vintage Spirits of the Art Deco Period with Edgar Harden, Director, The Old Spirits Company

Introduction to Art Deco Architecture with Professor Alan Powers, New York University,

London and Senior Lecturer, School of Architecture and Planning, University of Kent


Calling all collectors

We caught up with Cathy to discuss the Art Deco project and learn about her own impressive art collection, as well as some expert tips on buying art for yourself.


Portrait of the art historian Cathy Wills, in front of a colorful artwork of her collection