The Lobby in The Dorchester.


Art at The Dorchester

The Dorchester has long been a treasured British landmark, forever evolving along with the city around it. Forever celebrating the very finest of our rich cultural treasures. To celebrate the hotel’s prized position and lasting impact on the city and its visitors, The Dorchester’s extensive art collection is an exuberant adventure through the very British artistic tradition of landscapes.

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A thoroughly modern tradition

Born in the 18th century and still being explored to this day, the landscape genre has brought countless travellers to England to witness its colourful, picturesque riches and the glorious abundance of our natural diversity.
Lobby art

Hyde Park painting

Christian Furr’s grand oil painting, adorning the lefthand of the lobby, invites us into a timeless landscape at the edge of the Serpentine, in our neighbouring Hyde Park. At first glance this appears to be a classic scene; a snapshot from a moment in history, but, on closer inspection, the characters hidden in the detail are thoroughly modern.


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Christian Furr
sophie coryndon art
Lobby art

Sweet welcome

Sophie Coryndon’s wall sculpture transforms the miniature into the monumental in a celebration of nature’s vital plant pollinators. Sophie and her team took fragments of honeycomb and cast them into larger fragments, joining them together to form huge sheets of beeswax. These were used as moulds to cast plaster, which were then gilded and joined together. For a final flourish, the individual cells are filled with resin, tinted to match the honey made from different species of trees found in Hyde Park.


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Artists' Bar art

The heart of the matter

The artwork collection in the Artists’ Bar focuses closely on the London landscape’s connection to The Dorchester. Complementing the bespoke Lalique bar and mirrored interiors, each work speaks directly to the hotel and its prominent place in the city’s heart and history.


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The artists' Bar art
The promenade afternoon tea
Promenade Art

A walk through time

The art adorning The Promenade takes you on a stroll through a boldly curated British landscape in its full glory. Featuring exclusive pieces by artists working in Britain, the fascinating techniques on display welcome the gaze with intrigue and surprise, igniting conversations that wonder at the beauty around us, ever-changing and always resplendent.


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Dorchester Collection Moments
The Dorchester lobby Art and culture

Christian Furr’s artwork at The Dorchester

Famed as the youngest artist commissioned to paint an official portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, we commissioned Christian Furr to create a striking painting to adorn our newly renovated lobby at The Dorchester – here’s what happened next.

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