LA running guide

This route is recommended for guests staying at Hotel Bel-Air and takes you on a scenic journey through the beautiful neighbourhood.

3.8-mile route (6.1km)

Directions: Go left onto Stone Canyon Road. Stay on Stone Canyon Road for approximately 1.5 miles, then when you reach the end of the road turn around and enjoy the downhill run/walk.

Running tips

It’s important to have the right kit when you go running, as the last thing you want is for your clothing to chafe halfway around your route. Choose breathable running gear and make sure you wear some well-fitting trainers to avoid getting blisters.
Food is your body’s fuel, so make sure you have a good, nutritious meal before going on a run – ideally, you need to have a two-hour gap between eating and running to let your stomach settle. Make sure you eat some protein after your run too, to help your body recover.
If you aren’t familiar with the area, it’s good to have a GPS or map with you. These route guides should help you stay on track and return safely back to the hotel without getting lost along the way.
It’s really important to stretch down your muscles after a run to prevent any stiffness. Hold each stretch for around 30 seconds and do them while your muscles are still warm and flexible.

LA running etiquette

Run against the oncoming traffic and stick to the side of the road.
Stay in single file or run two abreast at most when in a group.
Let another runner know when you are going to overtake them to avoid surprising them or bumping into them.
Take any litter home with you if you don’t see a bin on your route.

Fitness centre

If you would rather get your workout done at the hotel or the weather isn’t suitable for a run, then why not check out Hotel Bel-Air’s fitness centre? Situated just down from the swimming pool, you can access the centre 24 hours a day with a key card. With a range of Technogym equipment, internet access and TVs on all the cardio machines, you’re sure to have an efficient and enjoyable workout.