About The Beverly Hills Hotel

Welcome to The Beverly Hills Hotel and Bungalows, celebrating 100 Years! When The Beverly Hills Hotel opened its doors on May 12, 1912, two years before the city of Beverly Hills was officially incorporated, it signaled the birth of the community and became a cherished second home to generations of entertainment names. Known to insiders as “The Pink Palace,” and featuring not only the luxury hotel and iconic Polo Lounge restaurant but also a collection of Bungalows which have welcomed the likes of Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, John Lennon and more, The Beverly Hills Hotel remains one of our nation’s most enduring icons. The Beverly Hills Hotel is proud to be recognized as a Forbes Five Star and AAA Five Diamond recipient.

We are proud of our legacy of providing personalized and exceptional service to our guests. Our goal is to treat each team member with dignity and respect while continuing the tradition embodied in our Vision and Mission.

About Dorchester Collection

Dorchester Collection hotels are landmarks of individuality, prestige and comfort with peerless reputations that continue to attract royalty, dignitaries, celebrities, and an international set accustomed to the finer things in life. Whether you are staying in London, Beverly Hills, Paris, Milan, Geneva or Los Angeles, each of our hotels offers a rich and unique provenance, embodying the distinctive culture of the world’s finest locations.

Dorchester Collection’ s Vision is to be the ultimate hotel management company, with a passion for excellence and innovation, honoring the individuality and heritage of its iconic hotels. We seek to realize our Vision by demonstrating care for our people, guests and owners:


We care for our people
People are our greatest asset. By highly skilled and decisive leadership, we attract, develop, retain and inspire the most talented people. Through sincere engagement, respect and integrity we create dynamic, passionate team.

We care for our guests
We genuinely value our guests, who long to return, knowing they are in hotels that respect the authenticity of their location, are the “places to be” and where they receive precious and exceptional experiences while their privacy is respected.

We care for our owners
Owners of Dorchester Collection hotels know that their prestigious properties are professionally managed, financial performance is optimized, asset value enhanced and individuality retained.

Vision & Mission


Legendary Surroundings. Unrivaled Service. Alluring Experience. Classic Hollywood Glamour.
The Beverly Hills Hotel


We are a group of caring and unique individuals whose commitment to collaboration and transparent communication result in fully engaged team members and guests.

We demonstrate genuine value for our guests by listening to and anticipating their needs, thereby building emotional attachments and creating an experience worthy or our legendary history.

With integrity, we are empowered and entrusted to protect out landmark property and maximize its value through innovation and sustainable practices.

We Care About You

We believe that each of us needs a sense of dignity, pride and satisfaction in what we do. Impressing our guests depends on the united efforts of many, and the consistent performance of individuals. Therefore, we are most effective when we work together by respecting each other’s contribution and importance.

Upon selection, you will be given a complete personal employment contract with The Beverly Hills Hotel: The Beverly Hills Hotel Pledge. The Hotel recognizes your importance by giving you this pledge which promises that The Beverly Hills Hotel will stand by what it says. The Hotel believes that by committing yourself to its quality standards, you deserve an equal commitment from it.

We Care About Your Career

You will be trained to be the best! The hotel’s intention is to support your learning and development throughout your career. We want you to succeed in this demanding global profession which has at its core a dedication to guest service. Our hotel will provide relevant learning and development opportunities to support your ongoing growth, skill development and self-awareness. Our training and work experiences are designed to help you build new capabilities, whether through classroom learning and/or ongoing coaching and mentoring. Our purpose is to help you be open to new ideas, learn useful habit, practice new behaviors, and interact with people from other hotels across Dorchester Collection.

The hotel strives to provide a work environment offering all team members the opportunity for professional and leadership development as well as career advancement through transfer and promotion from within.

We Care About Your Well-being

You will be offered competitive pay. Our pay rates are designed to attract and retain top-quality team members. The Hotel’s pay rates are reviewed regularly, with respect to other hotels in the Los Angeles area, to ensure that the hotel remains competitive.

The hotel offers a variety of team member benefits programs designed to help you and your eligible dependents in meeting the financial burdens that can result from illness, disability and death. These benefits programs can also help you plan for retirement, deal with job related or personal problems, and enhance your job related skills. Our group health insurance (medical, dental and vision) and 401(k) plan offerings are one of the best if not the best in the market.

We offer complimentary parking, laundry and dry cleaning of uniforms, healthy and tasty meal per shift. We also extend impressive room accommodations, food and beverage and retail discount at each of our iconic sister-hotels.

We Care To Celebrate You

The Hotel seeks to reward excellence with its quarterly Team Members and Leader Awards. We love to recognize service loyalty, celebrate birthdays and team member contributions to “wow” our guests and promote safety in the workplace through various Appreciation and Recognition programs.

Annually, Dorchester Collection showcases the outstanding work of our team members and ignite greater pride in their tremendous achievements through the Values Awards. It also gives us an excellent platform to promote our Values and Vision, helping us to build greater awareness of our Dorchester Collection brand amongst all employees. There are six categories for these annual awards: ‘Personality’ Employee of the Year Award (individual); ‘Working Together’ Team of the Year Award (team); ‘Respect’ Manager of the Year Award (individual); ‘Innovation’ Award (individual and / or team); ‘Passion’ Hotel of the Year Award (hotel); Corporate Responsibility Award (team).

We Care About Corporate Responsibility



We are ethical custodians of our global community, actively promoting sustainability


Corporate Responsibility for us means acting in accordance with our values to fulfill our vision of being the ultimate hotel management company, dedicated to excellence and innovation. We will act in a manner founded on fair treatment of our people, responsiveness to the needs of our guests, environmental responsibility, ethical business practice, and by making a positive contribution to local communities.