Hotel Principe di Savoia

History of Hotel Principe di Savoia

From a business background to the favourite choice of royalty and celebrities, let us share our fascinating history with you.


Take a trip back in time with us to share some of our favourite historic highlights.


Our impressive neoclassical building was designed by prominent Milanese architect Cesare Tenca. Back then it was called ‘Hotel du Nord’ and decorated in Italian Art Nouveau style, known in Italy as ‘Liberty’ style.

The location of the hotel was carefully chosen for its close proximity to the railway station and city centre. It was described at the time as, “perfectly positioned less than ten minutes by carriage from the world-famous La Scala opera house.”


On April 6, 1927, the hotel reopened under the new name of Principe & Savoia, after its two owners who were both well-known and highly successful local Milanese entrepreneurs.


The hotel was originally designed to appeal to business people, but by the 1930s its grandeur and reputation for exquisite service had made it popular with royalty, celebrities and world-renowned artists performing at La Scala.


In response to the hotel’s increasing popularity, two new wings were built in the 1950s, with two additional floors added later in 1958.


The hotel’s name was subtly changed again in the 1980s to its present name, Hotel Principe di Savoia. Those who know us well though often affectionately refer to us as simply, ‘The Principe’.


We continued to build on our success with three further floors in the 1990s, including our tenth floor in 1996, where our grand Presidential Suite and spa are located. In recent years the city’s new Porta Nuova district has grown up just behind the hotel and can now be seen from the spa.


Exterior view of Hotel Principe di Savoia

Hotel Principe di Savoia proudly joined the Dorchester Collection family of hotels in June 2003, to become our first Italian hotel in the collection.


Hotel Principe di Savoia, Veranda event area

After a major restoration project, we’ve just relaunched all of our meeting and event spaces. Take a look and you’ll find utterly beautiful rooms and versatile spaces in which to host meetings or enjoy special celebrations.