Executive chef Fabio Ciervo is at the head of Hotel Eden’s kitchens

Meet the master of Italian cooking

March 03, 2018 Food & drinkIn conversation with

Executive chef Fabio Ciervo is at the head of Hotel Eden’s kitchens, bringing fresh energy and creativity to take Italian fare to a new level. Having recently gained a masters degree in nutrition, Fabio has become increasingly interested in the relationship between food and health. With this in mind, he completely reconsidered what’s served at La Terrazza, Il Giardino Ristorante & Bar, and the lobby lounge bar La Libreria. He’s chosen to cleverly select ingredients that complement one another, both nutritionally and in flavour, making it easy to indulge and still eat healthily.

As part of the restoration, Fabio worked closely with the architects to create the perfect kitchen. He explains,  “As both the kitchen and the restaurants are on the top floor, we have been able to give guests not only a spectacular view of Rome when dining but also a glimpse of what’s happening in the kitchen, by having a Chef’s Table in our La Terrazza restaurant. People are really interested in seeing chefs preparing their food, and my team is looking forward to bringing a touch of theatre to the experience.”

We asked Fabio what inspires him when creating his authentic Italian dishes:

What makes your cuisine different?

I constantly research the latest technology being used in the kitchen. I also carefully select the highest quality ingredients and use seasonal product where possible, as this is both a healthy way to live and guarantees the best flavour.

What’s the most important thing for you when cooking?

I always aim for a balance between taste and health, they are equally important to me. I also strive for my dishes to be visually pleasing – each dish is like a canvas where the shapes, colours and textures complement each other to create something eye-catching.

What is your must-try dish?

Without a doubt it would be my spaghetti with pecorino and Madagascan wild black pepper, flavoured with rose buds. This dish sums up my philosophy as a traditional Roman dish that’s been reinvented. The taste has been enhanced with the use of Madagascan pepper, which has a fresh and flowery aroma. Last but not least, the use of fragrant rose buds turns it into a complete sensory experience.

When did you first think about becoming a chef?

I come from a family with a deep passion for cooking so I probably always knew that it was my destiny. One of my fondest memories is of me as a child ‘helping’ my grandfather cook apples under hot embers whilst sitting around the fireplace. He would season the apples with cinnamon so they tasted delicious and it was a real treat for me.

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