Chef Mathieu Emeraud at La Cour Jardin

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As the talent behind the dishes at La Cour Jardin at Hôtel Plaza Athénée, chef Mathieu Emeraud brings passion and creative flair to every dish, whether it’s his signature chilled blue lobster or a succulent fillet of beef from Chalosse.

We asked Mathieu to share his secrets from the kitchen, including his favourite dishes and personal creative inspiration.

What does La Cour Jardin mean to you?

Every year, cooking dishes for La Cour Jardin presents a new and exciting challenge to bring new flavours to the table, as the local produce is always changing with the seasons.

What’s your favorite dish of this season's menu and why?

I love the Nice-style red mullet for its simplicity, the technical mastery needed and the subtle hint of the Mediterranean that really comes through in the flavours.

Which recipe are you are most proud of so far?

My chilled blue lobster with Greek-style vegetables and crushed coriander has been a huge success. I love the balance of flavours in this dish.

Who inspires you most?

I’d have to say chef Philippe Marc for his constantly renewed trust and his ability to always innovate with new recipes. And of course, Alain Ducasse, whose creative influence has a huge impact on the dishes we serve here.

What made you want to become a chef?

For me, it’s all about the desire to transmit and share my passion for food with others.

Where do you find your inspiration?

Working with my team and sharing ideas is a great way to come up with new recipes. I’m naturally curious, so the chance to discover new ingredients is always exciting for me.

How do you collaborate with pastry chefs?

I work closely with Angelo Musa and the pastry team to plan the menus in advance. That way, we can make sure the desserts are the perfect finale for the savoury courses.

What’s your favorite ingredient and why?

I would say my favourite is lemon for its unmistakable acidity and freshness. It’s a guilty pleasure of mine!

And finally, what makes you feel proud of the hotel?

For me, it’s the whole team coming together to achieve the same goal: excellence. 

Discover Mathieu’s seasonal menu at La Cour Jardin, now open for summer al fresco dining until the end of September.

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