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July 04, 2018

Following lots of rather enjoyable research, our executive chef David McIntyre has just launched an American afternoon tea for CUT at 45 Park Lane. Inspired by his fond memories of growing up in California, he shares with us the delights in store when you join us for CUTcakes & Tea.

The grand plan

A taste of the heavenly cakes and sweets I enjoyed as a child still have the power to transport me back to those days. It’s one of the wonderful things about food that it has the power to trigger memories. Growing up in America, afternoon tea was never part of the culture; it’s always been very much a British thing. Being here in London though, right across from The Dorchester and its legendary afternoon tea, I became fascinated by the idea of creating my own unique version.

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Break from tradition

In London alone there are so many afternoon tea options but nowhere is doing anything like this. We’re forgetting all about traditional sandwiches in favour of reinventing a series of classic American savoury and sweet treats. CUTcakes & Tea is aimed at real foodies and is all about delicious full-on flavours. Some afternoon teas tend to be all about the setting but here the focus is on taste, quality and having a bit of fun.

Savour the flavours

Our popular Wagyu sliders had to be on this new menu, and we wanted a grilled cheese option so we’ve introduced a black truffle grilled cheese toastie. We’re serving a healthy tuna and avocado option, and a tasty lobster po’boy that originates from America’s east-coast. We have a selection of different types of breads, all handmade by the team on a daily basis.

Freshly-made scones

We’re not totally turning our backs on tradition. We’re serving scones as they’re such an important part of the ceremony associated with afternoon tea.  Ours are accompanied by huckleberry jam from Montana, and over summer we’ll have strawberry jam too.

Sweet treats

Our talented pastry chef, Niamh Larkin, has had the challenge of reinventing a series of classic American cakes. People have been intrigued by her incredible cola cake because it’s one of those surprising ingredients that gives the sponge really light texture. Her favourite choice is currently the caramel corn cake but for me the highlight is the s’mores, they’re incredible! I also love the fun presentation of the cake pops in variety of different flavours.

Tea, beer and champagne

Our diners are invited to choose from a range of teas and coffees but we have lots of other optional choices to tempt you with. Our freshly-made iced teas are particularly refreshing for summer. Rare JING teas, served from the trolley, include plenty of unusual varieties. As a big fan of small independent breweries, I’m really excited about introducing a few little-known American beers. We’ll also have chilled champagne and an American sparkling wine if you’re in a celebratory mood.

Join us

The entire team at CUT at 45 Park Lane is thrilled about our new CUTcakes & Tea including Wolfgang Puck, who’s visited all the way from California to test it out. We want to change the face of afternoon tea in London and would love you to be one of the first to experience it.


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