Ewan David Eason – Mappa Mundi series

October 04, 2017

Inspired by the streets of London, Ewan David Eason’s Mappa Mundi series is a dramatic showcase of beautiful abstract maps, now showing for our latest exhibition at 45 Park Lane in the Lobby Lounge and BAR 45.

Mappa Mundi, which translates as ‘chart of the world’ in Latin, features handcrafted gilded maps designed to explore the uncharted space of some of the world’s most iconic cities. By removing street names, Eason creates a unique piece of abstract art that celebrates the interplay of contrasts in city. We asked Ewan what inspires him when creating his artworks.



What makes London unique for you as an artist?
Within 30 minutes of being anywhere in London I can be in a polar opposite culture or landscape to the previous while being inspired by each and everything between.

Where in the capital do you go for inspiration?
Richmond Park, Kew Gardens, Victoria Park and Parliament Hill on Hampstead Heath looking over London – the earlier the better. Also high up in any of the many skyscrapers in the city.

Where would you say are the best places to see art in London?
We are spoilt for choice for exposure to art and galleries in London, and the New Exhibitions website is a good guide to contemporary art openings. As well as visiting artists’ studios on Open Studio weekends and art fairs, I’m also a regular visitor at Tate Modern, The Royal Academy, The National Gallery, Lisson Gallery, Halcyon Gallery and Victoria Miro.

   Maoir Londonium on black wall                        Homewood London detail (Instagram)             Maoir Londonium on white wall

What’s your favourite piece of art currently showing in London?
Janet Cardiff’s Forty Part Motet at Tate Modern. It’s a powerful and meditative installation currently on display in the Tanks gallery space.

What’s your favourite medium to work with?
Four years ago I taught myself to gild. Since then I’ve enjoyed exploring the effects of gold and palladium leaf on different surfaces.

What are your views on integrating art into public spaces?
Public art is a necessity to enrich the way we connect with a certain location. It can complement and support the surrounding space. It can also present the artwork in a living environment, allowing the viewer to spend time with the piece without the limits of time.

Ewan David Eason’s Mappa Mundi will be on display from October until November 26. Why not try one of our seasonal autumn cocktails at BAR 45 as you admire the exhibition? Click here to learn more.



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