Hotel Eden, Rome chistmastree

A festive celebration of Italian craftsmanship

December 06, 2019

Hotel Eden’s colourful Christmas tree is decorated with an array of handcrafted Venini glass baubles. Silvia Damiani, glass expert and vice president of Damiani, tells us about this exciting collaboration.

Perfect partnership

Venini is one of the world’s most famous artistic glass companies. It was founded back in 1921 and has made itself synonymous with exquisite artistry and the finest Murano glass. Rome’s Hotel Eden perfectly reflects this passion for excellence in its own attention to detail and Italian elegance. With our Christmas tree adorning the lobby, there’s a great sense of excitement in the air.

Hotel Eden, Rome silvia damini
Image courtesy of Giovanni Gastel
Beautiful christmas tree, with blue, yellow and red Christmas tree bulbs in the Hotel Eden entrance

Festive celebration

The bespoke Christmas tree is decorated with a colourful collection of our precious blown-glass baubles, all handmade by Venini’s skilled master glassmakers. This wondrous sight dominates the hotel lobby, and a selection of Venini vases are on display in La Libreria and the lobby area, adding an extra touch of style.

Beautiful result

Using traditional glass methods in this innovative way helps us introduce our craftsmanship to a new audience. I’m very proud of this collaboration with Hotel Eden. It’s a great opportunity to present Venini’s creations in a lifestyle rather than gallery setting, and we’ve had lots of delighted reactions from the hotel’s discerning guests.

Close up shot on the Christmas tree bulbs on the Christmas tree at the Hotel Eden
Elegant sitting room called " La Libreria" at the Hotel Eden, with a white fireplace and design armchairs

Signature style

Venini’s signature Monofiore Balloton collection of spherical vases uses a special technique resulting in a unique optical effect on the surface of the glass. This refined technique reflects light in a particular way to really showcase their quality. The effect is achieved by blowing glass within a metal matrix, which then imprints the classic cross-relief motif onto the surface.

Colourful collection

Venini boasts an extraordinary collection of colours. There are around 125 different shades that only our specialist kiln manages to achieve thanks to our craftsmen’s extensive knowledge and experimentation. Every piece is the result of capturing the perfect moment when liquid glass crystallises into a permanent form.

Creative collaborations

Venini has always distinguished itself by exploring different techniques with artists, designers and architects. Recent partnerships of particular note include Massimo Giorgetti, founder and designer of the fashion brand MSG, and Ferragamo’s ‘Gillo’ fragrance bottle.

Hotel Eden, Rome venini balloton
Photo courtesy of Venini

Come and see our beautiful Christmas tree for yourself at Hotel Eden over the festivities.

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