Le Richemond running guide

August 25, 2016

Situated on the beautiful Lake Geneva, here’s a picturesque route for runners staying at Le Richemond.

3.4-mile route (5.5 km)

Starting from the hotel, this route takes you left up the west side of Lake Geneva. Passing Geneva Paquis port and the Bains des Paquis, continue through Mon-Repos Park and past the World Trade Organisation. Your run will end in the beautiful botanical gardens, where you can relax and take in the stunning scenery around you.


  • Bains des Pâquis – These public swimming baths were built in the 1930s and are a great place to stop and cool off during your run.
  • United Nations – The second biggest of the four major United Nations office sites, this incredible building is definitely worth a visit.
  • Brunswick Monument – This mausoleum was built in 1879 to commemorate the Duke of Brunswick, Charles II.

Jet d’Eau – One of Geneva’s top landmarks, this fountain is 140m/xft high and a symbol of the city. It’s definitely worth stopping to watch the curtain of water during your run.

  • Jardin Botanique – Created by Augustin Pyramus de Candolle in Parc des Bastions back in 1817, the botanical gardens were moved to their current location in 1904, and boast acres of ponds and tropical plants to enjoy.

Running tips

  1. Make sure you take suitable running kit, as you don’t want to end up in clothes that rub or chafe. It’s really important to have a good pair of trainers too, as you don’t want to get blisters half way around your route.
  2. Have a healthy balanced meal a good two hours before starting your run, as you need to fuel up on energy, but should let your stomach settle before doing any exercise.
  3. Take this guide with you or a GPS to prevent getting lost. It can be easy to take a wrong turn in an unfamiliar city and we want to see you back at the hotel safe and sound once you’ve finished your run.
  4. Take the opportunity after your run when your muscles are still warm to have a proper cool down. Hold each stretch for around 30 seconds to make sure your whole body feels relaxed and won’t stiffen up.

Geneva running etiquette

  • Run against traffic and stick to the side of the road.
  • Stay in single file when running on a road or two abreast on a track.
  • Give other runners a heads-up when overtaking them to avoid any collisions.
  • Take any rubbish and water bottles home with you if you don’t see a bin during your run.

Fitness centre

If you’re short on time or the weather isn’t suitable a run, why not visit Le Richemond’s fitness studio? Equipped with state-of-the-art Technogym equipment and a Kinesis machine, you can enjoy a full range of cardio and fitness workouts. We also have a personal trainer on hand who can create a bespoke session to help you achieve your individual goals.


Le Richemond Fitness Studio

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