Yule cake event at Le Richemond

November 28, 2016

Every year Geneva’s finest pastry chefs meet to present their yule cakes, and this year it was Le Richemond’s turn to host this prestigious event. Guests gathered in the hotel’s ballroom for a welcome reception, during which the chefs chatted to local press about their designs and inspiration.

lrg-blog_buche_2016_cocktailTo witness the creations, Christophe Hilty, Le Richemond’s general manager, invited everyone into Galerie Rachmaninoff where the yule cakes were presented for all to see. This much awaited moment gave the chefs a chance to show off their work and see what their rivals had produced! Overseeing the event was Mercotte, the famous pastry chef, judge and television presenter, who was suitably impressed by all the entries.


Sébastien Quazzola, Le Richemond’s pastry chef, was there to present his cake and explain the thinking behind this year’s idea. His 2016 Christmas log is an imaginative winter garden theme, made with delicious Swiss chocolate and lemon verbena.

Sébastien explains, ‘As our restaurant is called Le Jardin, the idea came by itself. The biscuit is made with a lemon flavoured joconde biscuit, coated with a verbena jelly. Cut into the yule cake and you will discover a creamy verbena and milk-chocolate bergamot mousse.’


Philippe Bourrel, executive chef at Le Richemond, says, ‘It is a true pleasure to work with Sébastien. His creativity surprises everyone on a daily basis. Each season Sébastien also creates a fruit dessert and this year it is a realistic looking pear, with a delicious pear filling. If you are curious, you can try it at Le Jardin this winter.’


Having chosen to specialise in pastry, this annual yule cake event is a highlight for Sébastien to showcase his talent. In keeping with the general ethos of Le Jardin, Le Richemond’s award-winning restaurant, he likes to work with local seasonal ingredients but for this occasion it’s all about the creativity and skill. What’s more, there’s still time to order this year’s yule cake to share with family and friends this Christmas.

Sébastien’s previous creations have included a red ‘haute couture bag’ in 2014.


And in 2015 he came up with this intricate ‘timekeeper’ idea, using the finest Swiss chocolate.

lrg-blog_buche_2015_1 lrg-blog_buche_2015_3

We can only imagine what 2017 will bring!

To discover some of Sebastien’s delicious desserts for yourself, book a table at Le Jardin.



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