Sophie Coryndon in art studio.
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Craftsmanship at The Dorchester

November 01, 2022

The Dorchester has always been known for its elegance and artistry. Our latest renovation continues to lead in this way, so we’re thrilled to share the thoughts of some of the exceptionally talented artists and designers we’ve been working with.
Vesper Bar

Martin Brudnizki

“Taking on such an institution as The Bar at The Dorchester was really thought-provoking. Determined to respect the history of the bar, my team and I were inspired by the revolutionary talent of the 1930s and 40s. Cecil Beaton and his long history with The Dorchester is a wonderful example of this, making him feel integral to the spirit of this landmark bar. We’ve adorned the walls with Beaton’s work to reflect the glamour of the era and juxtaposed it with contemporary artists, such as Rosie Emmerson who was inspired by both Beaton and the energy of the time.”

The Dorchester Vesper bar render.
Concept renders The Dorchester
The lobby, new bar and suites

Pierre-Yves Rochon

“For me, it’s vital to keep the history and heritage of The Dorchester alive. In particular, I wanted to create a sense of continuity with the design and colour scheme of the lobby and guest suites. Exquisite craftsmanship can be seen in our extravagant new bar, strategically positioned to lead your eye to the end of The Promenade. The circular Lalique crystal bar is the focal point, surrounded by decorative Coutard and mirrored panels, varied artworks, and a huge Saint-Louis chandelier. The lobby is also themed around art and brings a sense of connection to nature and nearby Hyde Park.”

Ceramics in the rooms & suites

Lucy Attwood

“I founded the Studio Pottery London in local Belgravia to bring together timeless ceramics techniques and contemporary glazes. Britain has the very best minerals for pottery, to which we add our heart and soul to every single ceramic item we make – from delicate vases to highly decorative ornaments. Creating these fine-quality handmade designs for rooms and suites at The Dorchester has been a great honour, and we hope that guests enjoy them for many years to come.”

Image of Lucy's pottery studio
Courtesy of Dusan Todorovic & Studio Pottery London
Christian Furr in his studio painting.
Focal painting in the lobby

Christian Furr

“I’ve really enjoyed working with The Dorchester to create an oil-painting for the left-hand side of the lobby. I wanted this grand-scale piece to act as a contrast to its setting and bring the outside in. Historical precedents in painting acted as my reference points, along with a feeling of harmony in the carefully selected colours. Keen to capture the natural world and the seasons, I’ve hinted at neighbouring Hyde Park and the Serpentine. The finished result is a blend of truth and imagination, with disguised elements for viewers to discover.”

Statement piece in the lobby

Sophie Coryndon

“The artwork I’ve created for the right-hand side of The Dorchester’s lobby is the largest I’ve ever made. Having always been fascinated by bees and the golden honeycomb they produce, my team and I took fragments of comb and cast them into larger fragments, joining them together to form huge sheets of beeswax. These were used as moulds to cast plaster, which were then gilded and joined together to create what I call, ‘The Dorchester Dossel’. For a final flourish, the individual cells are filled with resin, tinted to match the honey made from different species of trees found in Hyde Park.”

Sophie Coryndon painting.

If you’ve enjoyed discovering our craftsmanship at The Dorchester, we welcome you to explore more about the hotel’s renovation and our love of art at Dorchester Collection.

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