Entrance of The Beverly Hills Hotel
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Capturing Hollywood glamour with Gray Malin

October 15, 2018

Gray Malin, fine art photographer and New York Times bestselling author, has created a series of captivating images to celebrate The Beverly Hills Hotel’s wonderful heritage. In his own words, hear how he combined our timeless Hollywood glamour with his own signature style.
Vintage blue car from the 50's in front of the Beverly Hills Hotel

Loving LA

I’ve lived in Los Angeles for twelve years now and I still get excited every time I visit The Beverly Hills Hotel. The history of the property and its countless celebrity guests over the years made shooting there an extremely special experience for me.

Red carpet arrival

The red carpet entrance, banana leaf wallpaper, beautifully manicured grounds, and glimpses of the celebrity lifestyle, make every visit to The Beverly Hills Hotel feel like I’m walking onto a movie set. I would dare to say it’s as famous as its glamorous guests and luxurious zip code.

Staff member next to a luggage cart, on the red carpet of the Beverly Hills entrance
Ten people in vintage 50's clothing having fun in the pool at the Beverly Hills Hotel


The images I took at the hotel weave a story of a jet-set crowd enjoying their time at this glamorous hotel. From day to night, poolside to the red carpet, this photography series is meant to celebrate the joy of indulgence.

Step back in time

I want the images to transport viewers into my personal interpretation of the ‘Golden Era’, filled with stylish characters in vintage outfits and props from the 1950s and 1960s. The whole look is designed to capture the essence of my timeless muse ‒ the hotel.

Two young women drinking milkshakes at the Beverly Hills Hotel
Three women enjoying a lunch at the Beverly Hills Hotel

My main aim

This is my largest shoot to date and it was a wonderful challenge to work with such as stylized approach, yet achieve a candid look. My goal was to capture the true spirit of the hotel, and I’m thrilled to say that my expectations were more than met. I couldn’t be happier with what we achieved.

Our Gray Malin at The Beverly Hills Hotel exhibition will be showcased on the red carpet entrance at The Beverly Hills Hotel from October 15 to 26. Signed and numbered prints are available as limited editions at GrayMalin.com and the hotel’s Signature Shop.

Photos courtesy of Gray Malin

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