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Why the Beverly Hills Hotel is Special

February 08, 2022

As director of global guest relations for The Beverly Hills Hotel, Steven Boggs has spent the past 20 years taking the very best care of our most notable guests. Here are some of his favourite things about what he affectionately refers to as, ‘Hotel California’.

What makes The Beverly Hills Hotel so special?

We’re the only remaining luxury hotel from the legendary Golden Age of Hollywood. Our secret to retaining this unique status is that we’re as relevant now as we’ve always been. Today’s A-listers choose to stay and dine with us, just as the A-listers of the last century did. This is something I’m really proud of. I’m also a huge fan of Hotel Bel-Air, which is where I worked before joining the team at The Beverly Hills Hotel.

Guest Relations Director Steven Boggs
Historical photo of Beverly Hills Hotel crescent wing
Courtesy of “The Beverly Hills Hotel and Bungalows – The First 100 Years” by Robert S. Anderson

Tell us one of your many fascinating hotel facts

The hotel opened in 1912 and was built as a way to sell real estate. The idea was to create a hotel for people to stay at while looking to buy local property. The original owner and founder of The Beverly Hills Hotel was Margaret Anderson and her motto was, “Guests are entitled to the best of everything regardless of cost!”

Best part of living in Los Angeles?

Like most people who live here, I would have to say the weather. I don’t think there’s a better climate anywhere else in the world. I also really appreciate that we’re only an hour away from beautiful beaches, magnificent mountains and acres of desert – we really do have it all.

Vibrant gardens of The Beverly Hills Hotel flowers and palm tree
Beach and coastline with blue skies and waves crashing

What are your must-see places in Los Angeles?

I always say that if you’ve never been to Los Angeles before, the two places you absolutely must-see are Venice Beach and Malibu. These places personify what makes Southern California so iconic. Visit them and you’ll soon see what I mean.

What’s your favourite memory of working at the hotel?

That’s tough because there have been so many amazing moments over the years. If I have to pick just one, it’s becoming friends with Lauren Bacall. People often talk about Hollywood history but she actually lived it and shared many of her incredible stories with me.

Celebrities and legends Gregory Peck and Lauren Bacall
Courtesy of “The Beverly Hills Hotel and Bungalows – The First 100 Years” by Robert S. Anderson
Cocktail on Polo Bar with painting and bottles

What’s your best-loved hotel anecdote?

Only small quantities of alcohol were permitted for personal consumption during Prohibition, so when police raided The Beverly Hills Hotel, owner Stanley Anderson claimed all the alcohol in the vault was for his personal consumption. He ending up going to jail rather than spoiling the party atmosphere for his guests.

Favourite suite or bungalow at the hotel?

Suite 117, the Paul Revere Williams Suite. This suite is also referred to as the ‘Rat Pack Suite’ because the entertainers would drink at the suite’s bar and play tunes on the piano. The designers did a fantastic job of maintaining its mid-century modern look.  You really feel like you’re stepping back to the 1950s when you walk through the door, and it still has a piano and its original bar.

Living room of Paul R. William Suite The Beverly Hills Hotel
Spa massage bed set up for treatment by window

What’s the perfect way to spend a day at The Beverly Hills Hotel?

Start by going for a morning workout at the gym to build up an appetite for a pile of silver dollar pancakes at the Fountain Coffee Shop. Next, head to a poolside cabana with a couple of friends for a swim and cocktails, before enjoying lunch at The Cabana Cafe. Wander over to the spa for a luxurious massage followed by a power nap, which will set you up nicely for an evening in the Polo Lounge. Heaven!

Tell us one of the ways you’ve managed to delight guests

When I discover we have a real music fan staying with us, I’ll take them up to the roof from where they can recreate the classic photo of the Hotel California Eagles’ album cover, which features the hotel’s unmistakable façade.

View of hotel's pink façade and palm trees at sunset
Popular row of booths on Polo Patio

Do you have a preferred booth in the Polo Lounge?

Many celebrities have had a favourite booth throughout the Polo Lounge’s long history. My personal preference is booth two because it’s the perfect viewing spot where you can see all the action.

Come and discover your own favourite ways to spend time at The Beverly Hills Hotel and enjoy the many delights of Los Angeles.

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