Wolfgang Puck serves a star-worthy menu at the Governors Ball
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Inside the Oscars’ Governors Ball with Wolfgang Puck

January 27, 2020

Having created and hosted the post-Oscars party menu for the past 25 years, Wolfgang Puck is as excited as ever to be working his magic at this year’s event. Here he shares some of his highlights and reveals who he wants to win an Oscar.

What’s the big deal about awards season?

Los Angeles is so different to anywhere else in the world and during awards season the city really comes to life with an incredible buzz. The topic of conversation on everyone’s lips is who has won what and who will win next week. It also inspires me to try and watch all the nominated movies so I appreciate what all the fuss is about.

A red carpet for stairs
Portrait of Wolfgang Puck, with a black background

What’s your favourite thing about the Governors Ball?

I find it a real honour to keep being asked to cater for such a prestigious occasion and it’s something I always look forward. The party is a wonderful opportunity to see old friends from Hollywood and all around the world, many of which I’ve known for the past 40 years. When it comes to the menu, such a great occasion always challenges me to bring something new to the table.

What’s your most memorable moment?

Wow, there have been so many over the years but this one sticks out for me. One year I put chicken pot pie on the menu and Barbra Streisand loved it so much that each year she would request it. She also started asking for it at my Spago and Hotel Bel-Air restaurant. It never fails to make me smile when I hear her say, “Wolfgang, please make the pot pie that you do for the Oscars!” It also prompted me to put it permanently on the menu at Hotel Bel-Air because it became so popular.

Booth overlooking garden
Salmon dish and festive dishes by the chef Wolfgang Puck

What can guests expect at this year’s ball?

As amazing as it seems, this will be my 26th Governors Ball. Every year it feels even more special than before as we always push ourselves to be more innovative. I can’t share any details as the menu is currently top secret but as we’re feeding major celebrities, who eat the very best meals on a daily basis, I promise it will be something exceptional and a real experience to remember.

For those of us not on the Governors Ball invitation list, you’re always invited to experience the celebrity chef’s incredible cuisine at our Wolfgang Puck restaurant, where his famous chicken pot pie is always on the menu.

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