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Netflix’s Bake Squad chef joins Hotel Bel-Air

April 28, 2023

Christophe Rull created a stir on the hit series Bake Squad, now he’s conjuring up exceptional creations at Hotel Bel-Air, including a delicious new signature dessert. Here’s your introduction to the great man himself.
Executive pastry chef headshot for Christophe Rull

What does it mean to join Hotel Bel-Air?

I’m thrilled to have joined the talented team here at Hotel Bel-Air. As their new executive pastry chef, I get to work with inspiring people and I’m encouraged to stretch my creativity every day. I have a true passion for all things sweet, so delighting our guests with an evolving array of treats is pure joy.

What’s your signature dessert?

My revisited vanilla crème brûlée. It’s a classic crème brûlée that’s then whipped into a wonderfully light texture and carefully encased in a thin caramel shell. This dessert is an elegant interpretation of a traditional favourite, and the light texture means that even after a satisfying meal there’s always room to enjoy this dessert.

What’s your favourite dessert to make at home?

This may come as a surprise but I rarely make dessert at home as it’s what I spend every day doing. However, once I taught my wife how to make crème brûlée, she loves telling our friends that she’s better at making it than I am – and I think she might be right!

Creme burlee sphere shaped dessert
Netflix cast for Bake Squad show
Bake Squad. (L to R) Christophe, Gonzo, Christina Tosi, Ashley, and Maya-Camille in Bake Squad. Photo courtesy of Terence Patrick/Netflix © 2022

What did you enjoy most about Bake Squad?

Being part of Bake Squad is something I will always be grateful for. It was such a wonderful opportunity to learn new skills, to get my name known, and to work alongside talented teammates Gonzo, Maya-Camille, Ashley and our host Christina Tossi. Through our shared passion, we’ve inspired each other to do great things.

What three ingredients can you not live without?

Being a pastry chef, I couldn’t work without sugar and I have a real love of chocolate – not only is it delicious, it’s also incredibly versatile. My other must-have ingredient at all times is passion – you have to care about what you create otherwise there’s no point. Passion always shines through.

What inspires you?

Social media is a great source of inspiration, some of the best pastry chefs in the world are sharing their creations, providing a constant exchange of ideas and inspiration. Apart from designing the occasional intricate sugar work or chocolate sculpture, I’m happiest creating simple yet sophisticated creations. Less is more is definitely my philosophy – it’s really all about the flavour.

What made you fall in love with pastry?

Artistry and imagination are what made me fall in love with pastry. I still have memories from my early days of baking, standing in the front of the oven and watching how a croissant would be transformed into a deliciously crisp and gloriously flaky delight. It’s such a rewarding feeling after working hard to create something that will bring people joy.

Branded chocolate tablet for Hotel Bel-Air

Experience Christophe Rull’s culinary flair by discovering his delicious desserts at The Restaurant at Hotel Bel-Air.

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