Iconic banana leaf wallpaper in the Fountain Coffee Room

The Signature Print of Los Angeles

July 21, 2022

With its familiar pink façade, green and white stripes, banana-leaf wallpaper, and iconic logo, you could only be at The Beverly Hills Hotel.
Hotel exterior, red carpet and green striped ceiling

Definitely distinctive

The signature aesthetic of The Beverly Hills Hotel can be found well beyond our fabled red carpet entrance. Elements of it have been used in private homes, designers’ studios, retail outlets and more. We’ve even had big screen starring roles and inspired fashion collections. Today our landmark hotel’s eye-catching design elements have become synonymous with Southern California style.

Beverly Hills Hotel inspired children’s room

Martinique® print

The much loved Martinique® banana leaf print was created by CW Stockwell, and introduced to the hotel in 1949 by decorator Don Loper. This bold and vibrant design has been touted as one of the most recognisable wallpapers in the world. It has an iconic status amongst designers and guests alike.

Famous Banana Leaf wallpaper in hallway
Sant and Abel children's pajamas with banana leaf

Fashion inspiration

Several celebrated fashionistas have created their own version of our signature aesthetic in their designs. These include Dolce & Gabbana’s Charlotte Dellal Collection, sportswear by American designer Michael Kors and must-have pyjamas from Sant and Abel or Shhh Silk.

Pop-culture appearances

From screens big and small, to multi-platinum album covers, celebrities and musicians alike have all enjoyed scene-stealing moments and musical milestones at The Beverly Hills Hotel. You can spot the Martinique® print in movies and television series including The Aviator, The Golden Girls and California Suite, as pictured here showing Maggie Smith who won an Oscar for her role.


Maggie Smith stars in California Suite at The Beverly Hills Hotel
© Sony Pictures
Signature gift shop interior

Influencing interiors

Our original inspiration has been reinvented and recreated in private residents and public venues around the globe and now it’s your turn.  Bring a touch of palm print perfection into your home with a range of signature items available from our hotel and online shop. From tropical style silk pyjamas and trainers, to our signature mug and super soft pillowcases, all make very special reminders of your time with us.

Poolside perfection

When world-renowned interior design company Champalimaud Design refreshed our cabanas, they chose CW Stockwell’s famous pink Martinique® banana leaf wallpaper. The appealing shade of pink was reintroduced from their archives to complement the original green of our hotel interiors. This is the first time we have installed the iconic print in a new location since the 1940s. The design’s distinctive colour and large leaves are intrinsically linked to the hotel, and the new-look cabanas have made quite a splash poolside.

Being poolside in a cabana at The Beverly Hills Hotel

Be sure to look out for our eye-catching style when staying at The Beverly Hills Hotel or visit our online shop for gift inspiration.

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