Oversized Peace and Love sculpture in Beverly Hills
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Surprising sculptures of Los Angeles

November 23, 2022

LA’s internationally diverse communities come to life through its outdoor art installations. Here are our favourite five, just a short stroll south of The Beverly Hills Hotel.
The Torso sculpture in downtown Beverly Hills
Courtesy of Unsplash


Atop a bronze plinth, this aluminium sculpture of a woman’s torso looms 4.3m/14ft above a zebra crossing at the junction of Rodeo Drive and Dayton Way. Designed by the late Mexican-born American artist Robert Graham, the artwork was unveiled in 2003 at the entrance to the Walk of Style to mark the promenade’s opening. This boulevard of bronze plaques commemorates personalities who have made significant contributions to the world of fashion, costume and design – so it’s the perfect spot to discover more about the city’s creative scene.

‘Endless V’

The platform on which ‘Endless V’ sits is usually dappled with intricate shadows that spill out onto the grass of Beverly Gardens Park. Letters from various languages’ alphabets, cut from stainless steel, come together to form the tall outline of a seated figure hugging their knees. Spanish visual artist Jaume Plensa, who designed the sculpture, is renowned for his monumental artworks, such as the ‘Crown Fountain’ glass towers in Chicago’s Millennium Park.

Endless V Sculpture in gardens of Beverly Hills
Courtesy of LoveBevHills
Peace and love sculpture in Beverly Hills Los Angeles
Courtesy of LoveBevHills

‘Peace & Love’

Glinting in the LA sunshine, this tall, stainless steel sculpture of a hand featuring the peace symbol was designed by The Beatles’ former drummer, Ringo Starr, who has made the city his home. Framed by plants so that it can only be photographed palm-side forwards, the artwork is found in the southern end of Beverly Gardens Park, home to rose gardens, a fountain, a lily pond and illuminated Beverly Hills sign.

9439 Santa Monica Boulevard, Beverly Hills, CA 90210

‘The Drummer’

Bring out your inner child with this lively sculpture of a dancing hare playing a drum. Found in the southern section of Beverly Gardens Park, it is part of a series of hare sculptures by Welsh artist Barry Flanagan, whose work has been exhibited in New York’s Museum of Modern Art and London’s Victoria and Albert Museum. Flanagan modelled the sculpture in clay then cast it in bronze; if you look closely, you can spot his fingerprints in the work.

Outdoor sculpture of the Drummer near Beverly Hills Sign
Courtesy of LoveBevHills
Courtesy of LoveBevHills


If you’re one for rushing around and juggling too many things at once then you’ll identify with ‘Takeaway,’ in Beverly Gardens Park, which depicts a man running with disposable takeaway containers piled on his head. American conceptual artist Tom Friedman – whose work is also on display in the Los Angeles Contemporary Art Museum – created the sculpture from stainless steel and aluminum foil in 2018, unveiled in the garden a year later.

Los Angeles has more surprises in store for culture seekers, so delve deeper into its creative scene or visit a contemporary art exhibition.

Header image courtesy of LoveBevHills

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