Meadow with cows in french countryside
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Meet our local producers at Le Meurice

September 23, 2021

Exceptional ingredients help us create exceptional dishes. Meet the producers passionate about providing us with locally sourced ingredients we’re proud to serve you at Le Meurice’s Restaurant Le Dalí.

Our dedicated team

Let us introduce the people who, thanks to their shared values and philosophy, help us ensure that 95% of our ingredients are grown locally. They carefully nurture their produce with tenderness, care and a strong commitment to authenticity. Together we respect the environment, celebrate the true nature of every ingredient and create the most delicious cuisine for you to enjoy.

Birds Eye view of the countryside around Paris area
picture of a producer on a ladder trimming his trees in the countryside around Paris area

Xavier Alazard, olive oil farmer

Coming from a family of several generations of farmers in Fourques, near Arles, Xavier Alazard runs his olive groves in the beautiful Baux de Provence valley with plenty of family know-how. He favours a manual harvest, believing this is better for the environment and produces a higher quality oil, with a really rich and aromatic palette.

A beautiful Olive tree

Mickael Villot, fisherman

Based in Boulogne sur Mer, on the Opal Coast, Mickael Villot is a true specialist in coastal fishing. Ten years ago, he partnered with other local fishermen in a shared philosophy for daily catches of only the most exceptional produce, including blue lobster, sea bass, squid, scallops, turbot and sole.  The combination of freshness, quality and the spirit of this group is what gives us outstanding fish and seafood at Le Meurice.

Detail shot of fishes
Black and white portrait of the producer Didier Pil

Didier Pil, vegetable grower

From his farm near Saumur, Didier Pil cultivates 120 varieties of exceptional vegetables throughout the year. He practices sustainable agriculture and has obtained the prestigious ‘Production Artisan de Qualité’ label for quality. His produce appears on menus of many highly renowned restaurants and we’re very proud to be one of them.

Detail shot of raw vegetables

Bénédicte Poisot, Culoiseau chicken farmer

Bénédicte prides herself of taking the very best care of her prized Culoiseau chickens in the picturesque Moutiers-au-Perche region. She respects the traditional ancestral farming methods, claiming this is the way to ensure the finest quality. One of her secrets lies in the high nutritional value of the food she feeds her ‘fattened chickens’, which results in a wonderful texture and flavour.

Picture of a producer holding a hand in the countryside around Paris area
Black and white picture of a producer in his fields

Éric Roy, vegetable grower

Another holder of the esteemed ‘Production Artisan de Qualité’ label is Éric Roy, based in Touraine. For ten generations the Roy family has cultivated their vegetables on rich silty soil between Cher and Loire. Building on this rich heritage, the farm is certified organic and respects the seasons and crop rotation, enabling him to produce a wide range of mini vegetables.

Gautier Brunet-Moret, fresh produce supplier

Offering fine fare from Noirmoutier and Vendée, Gautier Brunet-Moret manages a trusted network of handpicked local suppliers. This includes the local fishermen’s union, providing fish and seafood from Ile d’Yeu, Noirmoutier, Saint Croix de Vie and Loctudy. He also partners with the local agricultural cooperative for their famous Noirmoutier’s potatoes, salt, butter, milk and cheese.

Photograph of potatoes, shrimps and boats
Meadow with cows in french countryside

Gabriel Gauthier, butcher

The Gauthier butcher shop has been an institution in Clermont-Ferrand for 25 years. Now its reputation has spread further afield and Gabriel finds himself supplying some of the biggest names in gastronomy, thanks to the incomparable quality of his produce. His family also works with other regional farms and other countries for specialities such as Japanese Kobe beef.

Marie Samuelle Cassard, pigeon farmer

Marie’s free-range farm was established in Pornic in 1979. Since then her passion and expertise has led to providing for some of the finest table in France. She believes her secret to success lies in being situated near the Atlantic Ocean and feeding her pigeons a diet of whole seeds, supplemented with natural ingredients from the sea such as oyster shells.

This image shows 4 pictures of Marie Samuelle Cassard, the owner of " Pigeons de Pornic". She is Le Meurice's producer of pigeon for our restaurants.
Fresh vegetables : carrots, cabbage and chard

Christophe Latour, fresh produce grower

On his family farm, together with his brother and uncle, Christophe Latour grows a variety of seasonal fruit and vegetables. They take an organic, eco-friendly approach to respect the environment and follow the seasons. They pride themselves of delivering produce the same day as it’s harvested, making all the difference to the flavour enjoyed by our guests.

Charles Paulin and Sébastien Alliel, honey producers

Near the charming town of Compiègne, on the banks of the river Oise, is where Charles and Sebastien tend their bees and create the most delicious and wonderfully fragrant honey. They consider their authentic range of different varieties of honey a fitting gourmet tribute to their hardworking bees.

The honey producer Charles Paulin with a beehive
This image shows le Croisic farm, a marine farm, which is working for ou restaurant at Le Meurice. We see a man on the stones near the sea.

Jean-Marie Pedron, seaweed harvesters

On the wild coast of The Guérande peninsula, Jean-Marie Pedron and his wife Valérie harvest seaweed in an ecologically responsible way. Their marine farm is located at Pointe du Croisic on the site of an old salt works, which has been naturally fed by the sea for more than 500 years. Their seaweed and can eaten fresh or dried and is used in lots of creative ways.

Gabriel Fabrice, vegetable and flower grower

Freshness, seasonality and sustainability are of the utmost importance to Gabriel Fabrice. He specialises in picking wild flowers and vegetables on a daily basis to guarantee their freshness. Everything from wild mushrooms and garlic to asparagus, berries and edible flowers are harvested and delivered within 24 hours – just as nature intended.

Nature shot with trees and a ladder in the countryside around Paris area

To discover the many delights of all these wonderful ingredients our talented chefs work with, do come and join at Restaurant Le Dalí soon.

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