this is a picture of the Tuileries Garden during Spring
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Paris in Bloom

May 06, 2021

Who better than the bestselling author of Paris in Bloom to share with you the wonderful floral sights of our beloved city this spring? Be sure to see them while you can.
A poster with a flourishing Judas Tree, with the inscription " Paris in bloom" written on it

Georgianna Lane

As a widely published author and photographer, Georgianna is known for her romantic, light-infused images of flowers, gardens and iconic travel destinations. Her many books include the bestselling Paris in Bloom, New York in Bloom, London in Bloom, and Vintage Roses and Peonies (a London Sunday Times Book of the Year). Here she takes you to some of her favourite springtime spots.

Jardin des Plantes

For the ultimate springtime adventure, visit Jardin des Plantes where you can gaze upon the most magnificent pink cherry tree in all of Paris. With blossom hanging all the way to the ground, creating a canopy of romantic beauty, this queen of trees is truly a must-see. Throughout the garden, you’ll find numerous other trees, including crabapple, lilac and magnolia, making it a real spring paradise.

View of Jardin des Plantes in Paris with cherry tree blossoms
this is a picture of chairs at Luxembourg garden in Paris.

Jardin du Luxembourg

Need a peaceful break from the fast pace of the city? Take a stroll through Jardin du Luxembourg, crossing gravel paths to relax in the famous reclining green chairs while contemplating the picturesque view of the brightly coloured flowerbeds. From March to October, the borders are meticulously cared for and offer a delightful sensory experience.

Palais Royal magnolias

Among the very first spring blooms in Paris, juxtaposed against the beautiful façades and columns of the Palais Royal, the deep magenta blooms of the early magnolias are a very welcome sight after winter. Bright daffodils lie in a cheerful carpet beneath the trees and surround the traditional green benches.

this is a picture of the Palais Royal during Spring
Photo de la façade du Palais Royal fleuri au printemps, à Paris

Palais Royal roses

Classic, symmetrical architecture alongside a sea of gorgeous Pierre de Ronsard roses make Jardin du Palais Royal a premier destination in the middle of May. The perfectly shaped pink and white roses are a graceful contrast to the stunning arches, columns and balconies.

Parc de Sceaux

This orchard of cherry blossom is located just a short train ride from Paris. In late April, this heavenly array of trees is well worth the long walk from Chateau de Sceaux, to discover a hidden spring oasis. If the weather is fair, bring a picnic to enjoy under a cloud of petals.

this is a picture of the Parc de Sceaux during Spring
this is a picture of the Parc Monceau during Spring

Parc Monceau cherry trees

Parc Monceau is a peaceful, gracious location where the earliest cherry trees in Paris bloom, often in January. By mid-April, the park is rich with colour and scent as numerous camellias, flowering trees and shrubs put on their showy spring display.

Place Dauphine chestnut trees

When the cherry tree blossom has faded, head to the oldest square in Paris, Place Dauphine, for a lovely dose of pink floral splendour. The grove of chestnut trees provides an impressive display of peachy-coloured blooms, which sway in the breeze from the Seine.

this is a picture of the Place Dauphine during Spring
this is a picture of the Musée Rodin during Spring

Rodin Museum roses

This elegant museum is a year-round favourite but a visit between mid-May and the end of summer presents a glorious rose garden that frames Rodin’s famous sculptures, including ‘The Thinker’. Wander among the fragrant flowers at your leisure, admiring the master’s iconic works as you go. An interlude at the quiet café completes a perfect afternoon.


Cherry blossom and the Eiffel Tower – what could be more romantic? In April and May, The Jardin du Trocadero offers unbeatable views and photo opportunities of the landmark, surrounded by fluffy pink cherry blossom and other ornamental trees.

this is a picture of the Trocadéro during Spring
Blooming pink Judas Tree in the Jardin des Tuileries, with the Louvre Museum in the background

Tuileries Garden

Against the background of the famous buildings of the Louvre, floral borders of tulips, daffodils and pansies form a graceful carpet under purple Judas trees around mid-April. Grab a chair and rest by the fountain to make the most of the warm spring sunshine.

Let us share some more ways to enjoy the many delights of Paris.

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