Exterior view of Hotel de la Marine façade, Place de Concorde in Paris
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Let us be your guide to Hôtel de la Marine

April 20, 2022

Following a major restoration at Hôtel de la Marine, Jean Mora, head concierge at Le Meurice, uncovers the fascinating story behind this historic building’s many architectural delights.
We can see the cabinet de l'intendant which is a part of the Hotel de la Marine. We can see several furniture from the 18th century. The walls are painted in blue and the room is overall very luxurious.
© Didier Plowy / Centre des monuments nationaux

A sense of grandeur

Hôtel de la Marine’s majestic architecture dates back to 1758. Designed by Louis XV’s chef architect, Ange-Jacques Gabriel, it was built as a ‘Garde-Meuble de la Couronne’, a 550-rooms palace in which to store and care for the royal furniture and Crown Jewels.

Historic timeline

The building acquired its marine-inspired name when it became the headquarters of the French navy. It held this role for more than 200 years, before being entrusted to the Centre des monuments nationaux, the current custodian responsible for the recent renovation. Having been transformed to its former glory, I believe it’s well worth discovering next time you’re in Paris.

An image of Hotel de la Marine's Cour de l'Intendant, a courtyard with an impressive solarium.
© Didier Plowy / Centre des monuments nationaux
You can see the Hotel de la Marine facade on Place de la Concorde. It is an impressive architectural hotel with massive columns.
© Didier Plowy / Centre des monuments nationaux

Perfectly positioned

Located in the heart of Paris, overlooking the prestigious Place de la Concorde, Hôtel de la Marine is surrounded by the most incredible monuments. Standing between the Champs-Elysées and the Tuileries Garden, it’s within easy walking distance of Le Meurice. Step outside of the hotel and turn right along rue de Rivoli towards the Place de la Concorde and you’ll soon see what I mean.

A treasure trove

As you enter the building, prepare to be transported back to the ornate era of the Siècle des Lumières. Wander through its exceptionally well-restorated apartments and you’ll find many elegant furnishings dating back to the 18th century, as well as beautiful textiles and object d’art designed to recreate a regal atmosphere.

You'll find here an image of the Fontanieu Chamber
© Didier Plowy / Centre des monuments nationaux

Mixing old and new

Modern techniques have been introduced as fun ways to highlight the impressive history and heritage of Hôtel de la Marine. Digital animation takes you back in time for a glimpse of what life used to be like here, while ‘dancing mirrors’ add a playful element.

Take a tour

Another great way to discover more is to take one of the guided tours to talk you through the most fascinating facts and intriguing stories. Whether you’re discovering this gem for the first time or rediscovering it, I highly recommend both the ‘salon and loggia’ and ‘grand tour’ options.

We can see the loggia of the Hotel de La Marine along the building. We can see the checkered black and white tiling.
© Didier Plowy / Centre des monuments nationaux
The image shows the Al Thani exhibition that can be seen in the Hôtel de la Marine. We can see masks, vases and other art pieces.
© The Al Thani Collection 2021. All rights reserved. Photography by Marc Domage.

Treasures through the ages

Visitors to the Hôtel de la Marine can also discover masterpieces from the prestigious Al Thani Collection which are on display in a dedicated museum space. The works of art on view represent a diverse range of cultures and civilisations, celebrating creativity and the universal power of art through the ages. These galleries also host a biannual series of themed exhibitions and individual loans from international museums.

Walk in the footsteps of French history at Hôtel de la Marine with our head concierge Jean Mora, just minutes away from Le Meurice.

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