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Reasons to discover the Rodin Museum

July 13, 2022

French sculptor Auguste Rodin is best-known for his remarkable works in clay, such as ‘The Thinker’ and ‘The Kiss’. His fascinating life and sculptures are celebrated at the Rodin Museum in Paris, a tranquil haven for discerning travellers.

Romantic gem

One of the most enchanting houses in Paris, the Rodin Museum is situated in the heart of the city. Beautifully preserved and surrounded by hundreds of roses, this mansion has stood for over two centuries, oozing romance from its rocaille ornamented angles. Stroll amid the compelling sculptures of the great Auguste Rodin, the ‘father of modern sculpture’, and enjoy the peaceful ambiance of this artistic sanctuary.

The Thinker by August Rodin at the Rodin Museum
© Musée Rodin
The garden of the Rodin Museum
© Musée Rodin

Scent-filled city retreat

When visitors enter the Rodin Museum, their noses pick up the scent of roses immediately. The gardens are an escape from the city, providing a peaceful distraction from the modern world outside its walls. Three hectares unfold in verdant splendour, leading visitors through landscaped areas and showcasing the famous sculptures in different lights. ‘The Thinker’ sits enthroned on a pillar between the boxwoods and faces ‘The Gates of Hell’, located on the other side of the garden.

Lasting legacy

Just one year before his death in 1916, Auguste Rodin donated his entire body of work and property to the French state, which accepted the donation and turned Hôtel Biron into the Musée Rodin. Since then, it’s remained the only national museum to be entirely self-financed. The museum will forever preserve the alchemy between an exceptional place in the heart of one of the most beautiful gardens in Paris, and the creations of the most prestigious sculptor of all time.

A statue in the Rodin Museum.
© Musée Rodin
The Hôtel Biron which is now the Rodin Museum.
© Musée Rodin

Hôtel Biron

Designed and built in 1732 by the architect Jean Aubert, Hôtel Biron (now the Rodin Museum), was originally named after one of its owners. A poet called Rainer Maria Rilke later discovered the place and brought Rodin to see it. The artist liked what he saw and rented a few rooms to display his sculptures from 1908. In 1916 it became the Rodin Museum, officially opening its doors in 1919, and has attracted visitors ever since.

Must-see masterpieces

Although Rodin created many inspirational works that have been studied over the past hundred years, ‘The Thinker’ is considered his great masterpiece. Originally created in 1880 in its original size to adorn ‘The Gates of Hell’, it was first entitled ‘The Poet’. The sculpture represented Dante in meditation, leaning forward to observe the circles of Hell. In 1904, ‘The Thinker’ was enlarged, a decision that made it even more popular. This image of a man immersed in his thoughts, but whose powerful body suggests a great capacity for action, has captured the imagination of many.

The Thinker by August Rodin
© Musée Rodin

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Header image courtesy of Musée Rodin

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