Alessandro Buffolino at Hotel Principe di Savoia
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Q&A with Acanto chef Alessandro Buffolino

September 28, 2022

Let us introduce to our Acanto Restaurant chef at Hotel Principe di Savoia. He’s a true Italian, passionate about creating the perfect blend of tradition and modernity for a deliciously memorable experience.
Spaghetti With Octopus and Garlic made to serve.

How would you define your cuisine?

All of my dishes at Acanto Restaurant are inspired by wanting to showcase the very best of Italian food and its wonderfully flavourful ingredients. I’m passionate about respecting traditions, whilst trying to find innovative ways of working and experimenting with new techniques. I’m also a big fan of taking time to ensure the presentation is equally impressive. I want you to dine with your eyes before you even taste my food.

Which is your favourite creation?

I absolutely adore our squared spaghettone dish as it reminds me of my home by the sea in southern Italy. Like all of my favourite pasta dishes, it’s made from a few simple ingredients combined to form something sublime. For this particular dish I cook chilli and octopus in a really good quality olive oil then stir in the cooked spaghettone. Delizioso!

What do you remember most about your French training?

It was a wonderful experience and so valuable to understand the French perspective on food and learn great technical skills. It encouraged me to experiment and discover different ways to delight diners.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I love travelling and meeting people. New experiences help us enjoy life and they keep my culinary creativity flowing. I’m really curious about local traditions and cultures and I love to immerse myself in a different way of life when visiting somewhere new.

Alessandro Buffolino Executive Chef at Acanto Hotel Principe di Savoia Milan
Details of spaghetti at Acanto Hotel Principe di Savoia Milan

Who or what inspired you to become a chef?

I always say that I didn’t choose my job, my job chose me. It felt the most natural thing to do and I can’t imagine being anything other than a chef. I love having a role I feel passionate about and working in such a creative environment.

What’s your comfort food dish?

That would have to be pasta again! My go-to dish for ease and comfort is spaghetti with tomato and basil. When I sit down with a bowl of this, the wonderful aroma transports me straight back to childhood memories of sitting around the table for family dinners – it’s a true taste of home.


What are some of your essential kitchen ingredients?

First and foremost it has to be an excellent olive oil because it’s the starting point of so many recipes and a wonderful way to add flavour and flair. I’m a big fan of cayenne pepper as a useful store cupboard addition for adding a hit of ‘personality’ to lots of dishes. I also like adding a squeeze of lime for a touch of acidity to lift dishes at the end of cooking.

HPS_Acanto restaurant show kitchen

For a taste of chef Buffolino’s passion for cuisine, come along to our Acanto Restaurant where the flavours speak for themselves.

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Effortless elegance meets timeless tradition. Dominating Milan’s Piazza della Repubblica, this spectacular landmark building has been the natural home for international travellers and cosmopolitan society since the 1920s.

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