Marble lobby at the Hotel Eden

Redesigning Hotel Eden with Bruno Moinard

August 19, 2019

Bruno Moinard and Claire Betaille of 4BI & Associates talk about the inspiration behind the renovation of Hotel Eden and the details used to translate the sense of history of Rome into an hotel

Fresh perspective

We can’t believe it’s been two years since the restoration of Hotel Eden. This was such a fascinating project for us. Every single element of the hotel was carefully considered, before deciding how best to celebrate its past while introducing a fresh perspective. Turning our vision into a reality was a real joy to behold and something we’re very proud of.

Portrait of Bruno Moinard

Designer’s dream

One of the first things we concentrated on was reducing the number of rooms and suites to offer more space and create four new incredible signature suites to introduce a real ‘wow-factor’. For all the rooms and suites we wanted an immediate sense of being in Rome, today’s city though not somewhere frozen in time.  We added thoughtful surprises, like the peacock headboards, the bold wardrobe interiors reminiscent of a grand tour travel trunk, and beautiful hand-blown Murano glass lightshades.

Creating the right atmosphere

The concept revolves around the hotel’s enviable location and strong links with Rome. The city has such a wonderful sense of history and the glorious architecture of the grand mansions and palazzos really sets it apart. The light has a different warmth and energy than other cities too and we really wanted to capture this. We believe the result is a sophisticated yet relaxed interpretation of Italian elegance, a place that speaks of the city through every detail.

Marble details of the floor at Hotel Eden

Roman style

You can see Roman influences from all over the city at Hotel Eden. The intricately carved marble reception and concierge desks are inspired by the altar of peace in Rome’s Ara Pacis museum, and the dramatic black & white floor is a modern take on the ancient Roman floor of the Pantheon. We also designed a carpet for the event spaces with a motif inspired by the famous Baths of Caracalla. Art was another major theme, especially as the hotel overlooks Villa Medici where you can still see artists at work today.

Watercolours by Bruno Moinard

All the guest rooms are adorned with a series of our own abstract watercolour paintings. From spending so much time in Rome during the project, it was good to get out and paint as a way of relaxing, gaining inspiration and, of course, the ideal way to decorate the rooms in a unique and personal way. Even the most abstract images give a real sense of place.

Golden details of a beautifully decorated roof

Fabulous frescos

The hand-drawn frescos imagined by us that greet you in the lobby were created by artists Giovanni Bressana and Roberto Radici, inspired by the magnificent frescos in the neighbouring Galleria Borghese. Wander through to La Libreria, which is now a wonderful place to relax and enjoy a drink from our ‘secret bar’, and you can’t help but notice the large ‘trompe-l’oeil’ effect. We were particularly pleased with how these transform the perspective of the room and add to the grandeur.

Those bathrooms

It’s wonderful that whenever people talk to us about Hotel Eden they always mention the bathrooms. It’s notoriously difficult to make hotel bathrooms really stand out from the crowd but with Rome’s strong history of bathing in splendour and fascination for fountains we were determined to do just that. The key was finding a spectacular Statuario marble with real depth and lighting it in such a way that is sparkles.

We trust you’ll feel at home at Hotel Eden and enjoy the welcoming family palazzo-style ambiance that’s at the heart of the hotel.

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