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February 28, 2018 ArtIn conversation with

Lily Ackerman, director of Ackerman Studios, a London based art consultancy, has been the driving force behind our latest art exhibition, Emerging Artists 2018: An Edit. It’s an impressive start to our Year of Art programme she’s creating at 45 Park Lane. To talk you through the highlights, we caught up with Lily to tell us what she thinks in her own words and pointers to look out for when you see the exhibition for yourself. Here’s what she had to say.

In conversation with Lily Ackerman

Ackerman Studios has worked with 45 Park Lane from the start but I’m particularly excited about the diverse mix of talent in this show and just how far the artists have already come. Each one has been chosen for their exceptional talent, be it their use of colour, texture or expression.

A total of 12 artists are involved in the project, many of which we’ve been in discussion with since before they graduated from art school, waiting for an opportunity to give them a London showcase. This exhibition has been launched in collaboration with the Young Artists Partnership, which is the brainchild of art enthusiasts Louisa Higgs and Annabel Seal. Together we’re working to help young artists who have the talent to be professional artists but don’t have the experience or knowledge of how to commercialise their work.

Over 90% of the artwork on show has been specially commissioned for this exhibition, which is why they sit so well in the space. The ethos at 45 Park Lane has always been about seeing art in situ rather than in a formal gallery setting, a philosophy that’s close to my own heart.

Victoria Young Jamieson

To give you a little flavour of the exhibition I’ll start with Victoria Young Jamieson. Having been the face of The Other Art Fair, she’s quickly gaining recognition. Victoria’s work is inspired by growing up in Cornwall but has evolved since visiting the Nevada desert. She loves unconventional techniques and if you look closely and you’ll see this in her mixed use of matt and shine finishes.

Emily Hillier

When I first saw Emily Hillier’s work I couldn’t believe they were oil paintings, I was convinced they were photographs as they had such clarity to them. She’s really exceptional in the way she uses paint and I love that she often adds a touch of humour to her work.

Christopher Green

Someone else who fascinates me is Christopher Green. You’ll notice that each work is made up of several different sheets of paper, that’s because he works in sections producing them one at a time – talk about making life difficult for yourself! It’s not surprising that he was shortlisted for the Evening Standard Young Art Prize. 

Hannah Scott

Hannah Scott decided to tackle the topical issue of plastic waste by spending a couple of months on a boat near the Arctic Circle. She transformed discarded plastic collected during her trip into beautiful pieces of art, as a creative way of highlighting the environmental issue.

Sam Drake

The lighting of Sam Drake’s work is reminiscent of dusk or soft moonlight, he’s incredibly talented in his use of oil paint and storytelling ‒ I really want one of his paintings for my own home.

Amelia Sampson

Despite her own small frame, Amelia Sampson has chosen to work with a series of large fuselage boards from an old Nimrod plane, weighing in at 25kg each, to provide a striking backdrop to monochrome photos of an industrial quarry.

Phil Rae-Scott & David Harbour

I’m particularly proud that we have a few sculptures on display. Phil Rae-Scott has created hand-blown sculptures from nickel and David Harbour who, unlike our other artists isn’t emerging in age but turned to sculpture later in life, created the two sculptures sitting either side of the entrance. From the moment you see them it sets your expectation for what’s inside the hotel.

I know I’m biased but I think this exhibition is unmissable – I’m convinced that these artists are the ones watch and I boldly predict that they will be the future stars of the art world. Please come along to the hotel lobby and BAR 45 and decide for yourself, we’d love to hear your feedback.

Emerging Artists 2018 – An Edit is on display at 45 Park Lane until March 26.

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