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Suspended Animation with Anna Masters

July 13, 2018

Prepare to be intrigued and delighted, as fine artist Anna Masters seemingly defies the laws of gravity, for our latest art exhibition at 45 Park Lane. Here she shares the meaning behind her latest body of work, ‘Suspended Animation’, which has been created especially for this exhibition.

How it all started

I’m a mixed media artist best known for my large site-specific installations that appear to float in the air. I use a delicate system of nylon threads to almost invisibly suspend materials, with the idea of creating an intangible moment, captured and frozen in time.


Especially for 45 Park Lane

The work for ‘Suspended Animation’ has been specially created for the amazing space at 45 Park Lane. I’ve shifted from large-scale gallery pieces to smaller works, as they’re better suited to more intimate spaces like BAR 45 or someone’s own home.

London 45 Park Lane Anna Masters butterflies art
London 45 Park Lane Anna Masters fallen rainbow art

My inspiration

I’m fascinated by our resistance to time and change, and the paradox of its inevitability. My work examines this theme and seeks to portray this interesting dichotomy. Time and transience are themes that recur throughout my portfolio.


The big idea

I wanted a light and summery atmosphere in contrast with the hotel’s striking decor.  I’m really excited about showcasing my work in a hotel environment, where people will spend more time in the space, as opinions tend to evolve the more time you spend with a piece.

The creation process

I plan how I want a piece to look then build it up layer by layer on nylon grids. People often ask how long they take to make but this varies enormously – some come together very naturally, whilst others take many painstaking revisions. One thing’s for sure, each is a labour of love.



I refer to my more organic pieces as ‘Dreamscapes’. It’s like looking into one of my daydreams that has been magically brought to life. Sometimes simply being inspired and in the moment, letting my mood and intuition take me where it will, works better than meticulous planning.

London 45 Park Lane Anna Masters the making of clocks
London 45 Park Lane Anna Masters clocks

A sense of time

To illustrate my time theme, I like to work with used and recycled materials, as these already have a history and a story to tell. When you see rust or scratches on the watch pieces, you immediately think about time and this adds another level of interest.

Final thoughts

This is the largest body of work I’ve produced for a single show. As items have been packed up for framing and transporting to the exhibition I’m really excited to see them all together for the first time. I hope you enjoy the exhibition too.

‘Suspended Animation’ is presented in association with Cube Gallery and Ackerman Studios.
Works will be exhibited in the Lobby Lounge and BAR 45 at 45 Park Lane from July 5 until August 28, 2018. All artworks are available for sale.

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