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The story behind Perfection just happens

February 14, 2019

There’s no formula for perfection but there are places where it happens every day. To celebrate this we launched our Perfection just happens campaign to showcase Dorchester Collection and highlight what sets us apart.

How did the Perfection just happens campaign come about?

We were looking to promote what is unique about our culture and our brand. At Dorchester Collection, our relentless pursuit of excellence drives us to craft individual experiences for guests at each hotel within our portfolio. The campaign idea centres on this from the perspective of our guests. These unforgettable moments are designed, staged and delivered by the craftsmanship and incredible hard work of the team.

What message do you most want to instil in people with this campaign?

This campaign is designed to re-enforce the standards of service excellence and to remind the audience that we’re always thinking of our guests, creating experiences they will never forget. The campaign brings to life perfect moments themed around Romance, Occasion, Sanctuary, Relaxation, Reunion and Dining.

Can you tell us a bit more about these six moments you chose to highlight?

We wanted to portray a cross section of guests, bringing to life their special moments. These moments include: a couple enjoying a romantic break, a family celebrating at a party, contemplating an important meeting, relaxing on a family vacation, re-uniting with a university friend in a bar, and celebrating a business win in one of our restaurants. Having lived at Hotel Bel-Air for a number of years, our photographer Michel Comte was so excited to shoot at our hotels. He wanted to ensure the moments felt as real as they could, so we re-enacted real life events.

The campaign offers the perspectives of both guests and employees – how do these two unique viewpoints work together to support the overall vision?

The campaign seeks to intertwine the perspective of our guests and our employees, as they’re both co-dependent on each other. The launch of the campaign was seen from the guests’ point of view, for which the choreography of each moment appears seamless, leaving them with a setting where memorable moments ‘just happen’ and they are free to be their spontaneous selves. It’s all made possible by our employees’ tireless dedication to mastering their art and their drive to deliver. It’s what makes each guest experience seem smooth and flawless.

What can we expect of the continuing campaign throughout 2019?

Having launched the campaign from the guests’ point of view, for 2019 we’re shifting the focus to our talented team and their exceptional craftsmanship in all that they do for our guests to make their time with us exceptional. I’m particularly delighted with the videos that showcase their expertise in action.

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