Wellbeing at The Dorchester

May 03, 2019

For a wonderful sense of wellbeing and a delight for all the senses, our designer florist Phil Hammond and spa director Sally Pedder, have teamed up to share their expertise. Together they invite you to experience their fragrant lobby garden at The Dorchester this May.

Sense of wellbeing

Phil Hammond, our designer florist, is a firm believer in living a balanced life and taking a little time for self-care. He says, “It’s easy to get caught up in our fast-paced lives so it’s vital that we find simple ways to unwind. I’m a big fan of the calming powers of botanical oils and love the ritual of lighting my beloved jasmine candle at the end of a busy day.” Our spa director Sally Pedder takes a similar approach saying, “Wellbeing describes the perfect balance of mind and body. By identifying easy ways to safeguard our wellbeing we can lead more fulfilling, healthy and happy lives.”

Around your home

“Peace lilies are great plants to have in your bedroom as they cleanse the air,” explains Phil. “They produce lots of oxygen, which aids a restorative night’s sleep. Their beauty creates happiness too, making them a great addition to any home.” He’s also a big fan of fresh herbs in the kitchen as they’re easy to grow, have wonderful aromas and offer more health benefits than dried herbs.

All in the blend

Of all the incredible essential oils Sally works with at the spa she has one particular favourite, a comforting blend of rose, lavender and peppermint. She enthuses, “This glorious combination smells amazing and helps to soothe any skin irritations, relieve tension and improve energy levels – it’s a really great all-rounder.”

the dorchester lobby wellness garden bath infusion station

Moment of calm

In our beautiful Lobby Garden at The Dorchester from May, you’re able to choose your own blend of fresh flowers and herbs to create a bespoke bath infusion.  Sally comments, “Bath infusions are a great way to relax and you feel wonderful afterwards. Phil and I came up with the idea of a creating a glorious garden where you can get to know your favourite fragrances. You’ll then receive a bespoke bath infusion to take away with you to enjoy at your leisure. Simply add it to your bath water to release all those wonderful aromas.”

Relax with rose and honey

Sally has also recently introduced a Carol Joy London Manuka Rose Facial to The Dorchester Spa’s menu. It’s a gentle way to soothe and rehydrate your skin using the natural properties of British Manuka honey. Sally explains, “The facial begins with a fragrant rose oil inhalation followed by a honey sugar scrub. A rose quartz roller is then used to boost radiance and give a fresh, dewy complexion.”

London The Dorchester Lobby Garden

Welcome to the garden

Drawing inspiration from peaceful garden moments that are so beneficial to the mind and body, our Lobby Garden is a real feast for the senses. Come and experience a spectacular array of fresh herbs and fragrant flowers including English garden delights such as rosemary, jasmine, camomile, rose, geranium and lavender. We promise you’re in for a treat.

Our beautiful Lobby Garden is on show at The Dorchester from May until July and we’d love to see you there.

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