Chef's profiles at Hôtel Plaza Athénée, Paris

Europe/France/Paris/H™tel Plazza AthŽnŽe/Alain Ducasse: Alain Ducasse dans la salle ˆ manger du Plazza.

Alain Ducasse

In thirty years, Alain Ducasse, the famous chef, has developed his own unique expertise in lifestyle and gourmet cuisine. He is both a chef-designer, producing meals that are just right, and a businessman, working to establish a modern business model, pass on his knowledge and maintain an open mind when it comes to the world of cooking and hospitality.

Alain Ducasse is the head of more than twenty restaurants worldwide (including three with three Michelin stars that bear his name), three delightful inns and a chain of traditional, independent hotels. His view of his profession is based on two main ideas – his desire to share his passion for good food and his determination to pass on his knowledge. This can be seen in his books, his courses for professional chefs and enthusiastic amateurs and his consultancy work. He has an enquiring mind that steeps itself in the rich diversity and culture of the world as a whole.


Romain Meder

Native of Franche-Comté, Romain did his training in France and then realized his traveling dreams by exploring the world, discovering new flavours. He worked for a year in the British West Indies where he became acquainted with Caribbean spicy cuisine. Upon his return, he spent two years with Hélène Darroze in Paris, then hones his talent at the service of the prestigious Maison Potel et Chabot. Then, Alain Ducasse took notice…

Alain Ducasse notices him and calls him to his side at the Plaza Athénée, first as chef-de-partie and then as sous-chef before being named chef at La Cour Jardin. He then earns the position as Chef at Spoon des Iles in Mauritius, after which he is entrusted with the launch of Idam in Doha (Qatar), in the restaurant located in the Museum of Islamic Art. In early 2014, he returns to Paris to rejoin Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athénée where together, they plan the reopening of the restaurant, becoming the new Executive Chef, under 36 years old.


Denis Courtiade

While first aiming to become a pastry chef, Denis Courtiade discovers the service aspect of the profession at the Auberge des Templiers, a two-star hotel located in Sologne. After a parenthesis in the Versailles Cercle des officiers, he worked as headwaiter in several great restaurants. In 1989, he settles in the restaurant La Belle Otero, at the Carlton hotel in Cannes. In 1991, at age 25, he is awarded the “Trophée Jacquart de Meilleur chef de rang de France”. He is immediately contacted by Alain Ducasse.

A partnership immediatly takes shape between Alain Ducasse and Denis. Le Louis XV in Monaco, then London, followed of a position as first maître d’Hôtel in Paris, at the Alain Ducasse restaurant located avenue Raymond Poincaré. Finally, in August 2000,when Alain Ducasse moves to the Plaza Athénée, Denis Courtiade is named restaurant Manager. The story goes on…


Philippe Marc

After learning his craft in a number of 3-star restaurants, Philippe Marc began working in the kitchens of luxury hotels, travelling the length and breadth of South-Eastern France and working his magic in such outstanding hotels as the Vista Palace in Roquebrune, the Don César in Antibes and the Hôtel de Paris in Monte Carlo where he met Alain Ducasse.

He then left the hotel sector for several years, instead heading up a family restaurant in Lyon, before coming to Paris where he took over the management of the kitchen in a small restaurant in the Latin Quarter that quickly became a huge success. It was then that the man from Jura again met up with Alain Ducasse.
Since 2000, Philippe Marc has been the chef for the Relais Plaza, the Plaza Athénée’s chic grill-room, as well as catering for functions held at the hotel and providing the meals served by Relais Plaza.

Angelo Musa

Executive pastry chef, Angelo Musa, is a winner of the World Pastry Chef award and 2007 winner of ‘Meilleur Ouvrier de France’.   With long standing experience in both France and other countries, Angelo is able to add his own creative and distinctive stamp to our menus. His watch word is balance – ensuring flavours blend delicately with one another, textures create a variety of sensations on the palate, and always having a balance of sweet and sharp. He’s also a fan of giving classic patisserie at new twists. Sample our famous afternoon tea ‘Goûter’ and see for yourself.


Alexandre Dufeu

Pastry chef, Alexandre Dufeu, was born and trained in France. From childhood he knew he wanted to work with food. Alexandre joined Hôtel Plaza Athénée in 2012 as a commis chef, before working his way up to demi-chef de partie, chef de partie, sous-chef and then, in November 2015, became pastry chef. He chose to specialise in pastry, loving the way that pastries have a way of making people happy. He particularly likes working with chocolate, citrus and berries – enjoying both the creativity and precision of his chosen craft.

Le Relais Plaza

Elegantly designed in the Art Deco style, the Relais Plaza is one of Avenue Montaigne’s “It-places”. Clients come here to enjoy fabulous Parisian brasserie food.

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La Galerie

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Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athénée

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