View of the Effiel tower from the Etoile Penthouse Suite at Le Meurice
Views of the Paris skyline from a terrace at the Belle Etoile Penthouse Suite at Le Meurice


A garden paradise

So much more than a terrace, this outdoor space is a beautiful private garden, where you’re transported to a haven of greenery inspired by the Tuileries Garden below. This is a garden fit for a penthouse suite, and even more, perfectly deserving of the Belle Etoile Penthouse Suite with Terrace.


Sweet serenity

Far from the bustle of the city below, your view of Paris is one of utter tranquillity. It’s only from up here you can truly appreciate the magic of the city, where comfortable seating areas are made for entertaining. This vista simply asks for a chair, a coffee and a good book.


Indoors and out

Part of the dream for the restoration was to bring the outdoors in, which is why bursts of greenery await beyond every window in the suite. From your bedroom, French doors lead to soft grass and plants for a private breakfast overlooking the Sacré-Coeur, while from the living room your vast terrace floods the suite with natural light.


Your private party

There’s no backdrop quite like it. For celebrations, special events and private parties, this is a space to delight and impress your guests. Let us transform it for any occasion you imagine.


The art of horticulture

Garden expert Pierre-Alexandre Risser is the creative mastermind behind our garden. For him, this was about choosing the perfect shapes, textures and beautiful blooms to create a haven of greenery in the heart of an urban metropolis. The results are spectacular.


The name says it all

‘Belle Etoile’ translates as ‘beautiful star’. This is a suite where every detail speaks of thoughtful design, innovation and sheer Parisian luxury. This is the shining star of Le Meurice, and of Paris.