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#DCmoments Rome Shopping Guide

Alex Zouaghi, the passionate photographer, established blogger and endless wanderer behind the popular @a_ontheroad Instagram account, shares with us his favourite hidden shopping gems in Rome.

Rome is filled with unique shopping opportunities if you know where to look. From fine food and fashion to outstanding art and antiques, we show you the must-see places.
Vetrina e ingresso di Booktique, Roma
Via della Stelletta, 17, 00186 Rome


Created for curious minds and passionate explorers, Booktique offers a wonderfully diverse selection of beautiful books, art, and homeware, alongside gift ideas galore. A store designed to offer inspiration at every turn.

Interno di Booktique, Roma
Piazza dei Caprettari, 61, 00186 Rome

Antica Cartotecnica

Entering this discreet family-owned store feels like stepping back in time. Established in 1930 and tucked away behind the Pantheon, Antica Cartotecnica is a much-loved choice of in-the-know locals who appreciate its tasteful array of stationery and rare pens, inks and pencils.

Interno di Antica Cartotecnica, Roma, con piano su buste da lettere in vendita.
Porta d'ingresso di Antica Cartotecnica, Roma
Illustrazioni e oggetti in esposizione nella boutique Chez Dede, Roma
Via di Monserrato, 35, 00183 Rome

Chez Dede

Opened in 2015, Chez Dede’s flagship boutique is dedicated to art, fashion, furniture and so much more. Its artistic owners, Andrea Ferolla and Daria Reina, have an incredible eye for design, offering what they like to refer to as their ‘Collection of Curiosities’.

Dettaglio della stampa sulla vetrina di Chez Dede, Roma
Largo Febo, 15, 00186 Rome

Antica Libreria Cascianelli

A true gem in the heart of Rome, Antica Libreria Cascianelli is home to an incredible selection of rare books, art, prints and antiques. As one of the city’s oldest bookshops, almost unchanged since the beginning of the 19th century, it’s a treasure trove of delights.

Dettaglio di oggetti in esposizione presso Antica Libreria Cascianelli, Roma
Esterno di Antica Libreria Cascianelli, Roma.
Primo piano su gioielli Co.Ro Jewels, Roma
Via della Scrofa, 52, 00186 Rome

Co.Ro. Jewels

Conveniently situated just a few steps away from Piazza Navona, Co.Ro. Jewels creates unique jewellery inspired by architecture. Founded by entrepreneurs Costanza De Cecco and Giulia Giannini, the design duo make it their mission to bring a fresh perspective to traditional Italian craftsmanship.

Insegna neon Co.Ro. Jewels, Roma
Via dei Coronari, 57, 00186 Rome and Via di Campo Marzio, 35, 00186 Rome

Essenzialmente Laura

This sensory experience was created by professional ‘nose’ Laura Bosetti Tonatto, who draws her inspiration from the world of literature, cinema and music. Come and find a new favourite fragrance, or learn how to create your own.

Profumi in esposizione presso Essenzialmente Laura, Roma
Insegna vetrina Essenzialmente Laura, Roma
Gilbert Halaby in posa con il suo cane all'ingresso di Maison Halaby, Roma
Via di Monserrato, 21, 00186 Rome

Maison Halaby

Unexpected and profoundly poetic, Maison Halaby is a shopping experience like no other. Designer Gilbert Halaby offers a warm personal welcome, often accompanied by coffee, before introducing you to his own designs and carefully curated collection of fashion accessories and books.

Esposizione di oggetti presso Maison Halaby, Roma
Via di San Francesco a Ripa, 150, 00153 Rome


Situated in the heart of Trastevere, this is a stylish store filled with equally stylish homewares and accessories. Estremi’s lighting and exquisite fabrics are a specialty, along with a selection of fine furniture.

Candele in esposizione presso Estremi, Roma
Esposizione di oggetti all'interno di Estremi, Roma
Ingresso di The Open Door Bookshop, Roma
Via della Lungaretta, 23, 00153 Rome

The Open Door Bookshop

Brimming with old editions and rare finds, The Open Door Bookshop is another Trastevere treat. It’s favoured by locals and visitors alike, thanks to its wide selection of secondhand Italian, French, Spanish and English books.

Interno di The Open Door Bookshop, Roma
Via Urbana, 92, 00184 Rome

LOL Roma

This sophisticated boutique is aimed at those with an appreciation for colourful fashion and accessories. Once you’ve replenished your wardrobe, take time to discover their array of art, homewares and jewellery.

Interno di LOL Roma
Interno di LOL roma
Volpetti Salumeria esterno, Roma
Via Marmorata, 47, 00153 Rome

Volpetti Salumeria

With shelves laden with delicious Italian artisan cheeses, pasta, bread and wines, Volpetti Salumeria is one of Rome’s finest delis. Specialising in certified PDO and PGI delicacies, this store is an absolute must for food lovers – and if you time it right, there are a couple of tables available for tastings.

Primo piano su tortellini in vendita presso Volpetti Salumeria, Roma

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