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This is no ordinary spa. Within our warm vaulted hideaway you’ll experience truly personal, customised relaxation. Your own suite, your own bathroom, your own sanctuary.


More than just a lovely indulgence, professional facials can improve both your physical and emotional wellbeing.

Nano apple stem cell complex - Anti-Aging

Using the innovative Nano Apple Stem Cell Complex products, this moisturising facial delivers vital antioxidants to help prevent the signs of ageing. It effectively restores skin’s hydration and firmness for a beautiful, youthful glow.
Price: 300€   Duration: 60minsCall to book

Rose gold radiance treatment

A skin perfecting mask which, thanks to the Moroccan red clay, improves skin texture. Hyaluronic acid, shea butter, pro vitamin B5 and lactic acid work together to refine, brighten and perfect the skin.
Price: 320€   Duration: 60minsCall to book

Nano apple stem cell complex - Anti-Aging eye contour

Add this treatment to any facial for an additional 55€

An effective eye treatment which stimulates circulation and boosts collagen production to reduce puffiness and dark circles,performed with the Nano Apple Stem Cell Complex products.

Price: 130€   Duration: 30minsCall to book


A balancing facial, which helps to reduce signs of acne, impurities and imperfections, leaving your skin clean, clear and fresh.
Price: 250€   Duration: 60minsCall to book


A purifying and detoxifying facial, which gives your skin an instant glow and helps to protect it from environmental damage and stress.
Price: 250€   Duration: 60minsCall to book


An invigorating facial, which targets areas of hyperpigmentation to fight the damaging effects of UV rays, giving your skin a more even appearance.
Price: 250€   Duration: 60minsCall to book

Signature bespoke facial

An express facial, personalised to suit your specific skin type, resulting in a refreshed and rejuvenated complexion.
Price: 150€   Duration: 30minsCall to book

Signature back, face and scalp

Exclusively created for The Eden Spa, this is an indulgent ritual to create a sense of total wellbeing, including a luxurious back massage, a bespoke facial and a relaxing scalp treatment.
Price: 450€   Duration: 120minsCall to book


Enhance your facial with a choice of additions designed to revitalise, restore and purify your skin. All these treatments can be added to a facial or enjoyed as individual treatments. Suitable for all skin types.


Our special oxygen machine helps to revitalise cell health and promote the cells’ natural regeneration for healthier-looking skin.


Microdermabrasion will gently remove the skin’s dead cells on the top layer, resulting in a smooth, flawless texture.

LED light therapy

Our light therapy machine emits UV-free light rays, which energise cells and stimulate the body’s natural collagen and elastin production, while reducing inflammation, speeding healing, increasing circulation, and destroying acne bacteria.


A full range of relaxing massages designed to restore a sense of harmony to your mind, body and soul.


A traditional medium-pressure massage to ease tension and gently soothe your body, resulting in complete relaxation.
Price: 150€   Duration: 60minsCall to book
Price: 195€   Duration: 90minsCall to book

Hot stone

A therapeutic full body massage performed with warm stones to rebalance your body and mind.
Price: 180€   Duration: 60minsCall to book
Price: 195€   Duration: 90minsCall to book


A soothing massage with targeted pressure on specific points on the soles of the feet, believed to restore energy balance and relieve common ailments.
Price: 90€   Duration: 30minsCall to book
Price: 140€   Duration: 60minsCall to book

Deep tissue

An intense massage designed to alleviate pain and deep muscular tension, helping to restore comfort and freedom of movement.
Price: 170€   Duration: 60minsCall to book
Price: 215€   Duration: 90minsCall to book

Candle massage

An indulgent massage performed with the warm oils of a shea butter candle, leaving your skin feeling soft and hydrated.
Price: 140€   Duration: 60minsCall to book
Price: 195€   Duration: 90minsCall to book

Back massage

A stress-relieving massage performed with a specialised technique, which targets a specific area of concern to soothe muscles.
Price: 90€   Duration: 30minsCall to book

Signature jet lag

A relaxing face and body massage which helps to restore hydration and stimulate circulation to ease the common effects of jet lag.
Price: 170€   Duration: 60minsCall to book

Sonya Dakar signature hoya flower

A natural, luxurious massage performed with precious hoya flower essential oil to hydrate your scalp.
Price: €110   Duration: 30minsCall to book


The epitome of relaxation. The chance to lie back, drift off and let us ease away the day. Time just for you.

A Pinch of salt

Harnessing the natural power of Italian sea salt, green tea oil, pennyroyal and ginseng root, this wellness ritual helps to reset the body, boost circulation and promote new energy.
Price: 195€   Duration: 75minsCall to book

The Purity of Italian herbs

Inspired by ancient herbal traditions, this powerful ritual helps to detoxify and reinvigorate the body, with Italian green clay, horsetail and cloves. To finish, a nourishing nine-herb herbal tea leaves you feeling refreshed and revived.
Price: 180€   Duration: 60minsCall to book

Start up seaweed wrap

A natural seaweed body wrap which imparts essential minerals and boosts circulation to help reduce and detoxify cellulite, resulting in a smoother, more refined appearance.
Price: 190€   Duration: 60minsCall to book


Award-winning problem skincare specialist, Sonya Dakar, has a large celebrity following and is known for pioneering innovative techniques to noticeably improve both the look and feel of your skin.

Back cleansing

A deep-cleansing back treatment to freshen and purify skin, performed with luxurious Sonya Dakar products.
Price: 200€   Duration: 45minsCall to book


Harnessing the power of essential oils from wild plants, Mei has been a pioneer of ‘Made in Italy’ excellence since 1988. Our rituals deliver holistic wellness for the skin, body and mind.

La Dolce Vita at The Eden Spa

Let yourself be delighted by the pure essence of orange, with Mei Italian citrus essential oils. The treatment begins with an invigorating body scrub and massage with sweet orange oil and cream to leave skin beautifully smooth and soft, before finishing with a warm shower with sweet orange and tangerine gel to delight your senses.

To finish, enjoy a chilled glass of prosecco with orange-inspired treats prepared by our executive chef.

Price: 385€   Duration: 120minsCall to book

Persian rose petals for body & face

A soothing ritual with an intoxicating fragrance extracted from the petals of Rosa di Persia. Let yourself be lulled into a feeling of bliss, as our spa therapist performs gentle massage techniques with the finest natural ingredients, leaving skin feeling as soft as a rose petal.
Price: 385€   Duration: 120minsCall to book

Vitality MEI Ritual Face & Body

An innovative ritual to restore beautifully fresh, radiant skin. Enjoy a gentle MEI body exfoliation and massage before a relaxing facial with vegetable hyaluronic acid to restore energy, vitality and skin regeneration. 

Price: €250    Duration: 90 minsCall to book


An itinerary of sheer bliss, peaceful relaxation and a lot of tranquil lounging.

Bonding Time

Specially created for fathers and sons, this ritual includes a Sonya Dakar detox facial with oxygen therapy for mature skin, or a MEI facial for a youthful complexion, before you both enjoy a soothing, tension-releasing massage.

To finish, cocktails await at Il Giardino Bar, with a choice of gin & tonic or handcrafted mocktail.

Price: 350€   Duration: 90minsCall to book

Mamma Mia

This two-hour pampering ritual for mothers and daughters begins with a 30-minute Sonya Dakar facial with oxygen therapy for Mum and luxury MEI products for younger complexions, followed by a 25-minute massage with aromatic oil. To finish,

OPI nail polish and blow dries will leave you feeling your best, ready for complimentary cocktails and canapés at Il Giardino Bar.

Price: 400€   Duration: 120minsCall to book

Two hours for two

Created specially for you, this experience lets you choose your own aromatic essential oil and massage technique, performed with natural ingredients prepared by our spa therapists.

Two hours for two, for a ritual of extraordinary effectiveness in relaxing and releasing all tensions.

Price: 650€   Duration: 120minsCall to book


For a perfect way to relax, unwind and take time out from a busy day.

Steam bath

Our warm steam bath is the ultimate comfort, which can be enjoyed in the privacy of your spa suite. The immersive experience includes colourful chromotherapy and fragrant aromatherapy to indulge your senses, leaving you feeling wonderfully pampered and relaxed.
Price: 50€   Duration: 30minsCall to book


Our hands and feet work so hard. Show them that you care.

Signature luxury nail treatments

Discover ultimate pampering with this indulgent nail treatment, including a soak with iris powder bath salts, followed by a soothing masque and paraffin wax treatment. An application of your choice of nail polish completes the experience.
Price: 140€   Duration: Manicure 55minsCall to book
Price: 150€   Duration: Pedicure 70minsCall to book

Manicure party

A luxury manicure session for a shared moment of pampering for two or more people, accompanied by a freshly-made smoothie prepared by our executive chef, Fabio Ciervo.
Price: €160 per person   Duration: 55minsCall to book

Gel polish

Price: 40€   Duration: 15minsCall to book

Gel polish removal

Price: 20€   Duration: 10minsCall to book


Committed to delivering smooth skin.

Full leg

Performed with strip wax. If you would prefer hot wax, please speak to a member of the spa team.

Half leg

Performed with strip wax. If you would prefer hot wax, please speak to a member of the spa team.


Performed with strip wax. If you would prefer hot wax, please speak to a member of the spa team.


Performed with strip wax. If you would prefer hot wax, please speak to a member of the spa team.


Performed with strip wax. If you would prefer hot wax, please speak to a member of the spa team.

Sonya Dakar bikini treatment

Exclusively created by Sonya Dakar for The Eden Spa, this gentle treatment helps to prevent ingrown hairs and dark spots in sensitive areas.
Price: €200   Duration: 45minsCall to book


A priceless gift of tranquillity, of time to relax, the chance to unwind.

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