Picture of children playing with mosaics at Studio Cassio – Arte del Mosaico in Rome


Things to do in Rome with kids

With plenty of history and culture to uncover, Rome is packed full of fun child-friendly activities designed to inspire, educate and entertain all at once. From classes where youngsters can learn how to be a Roman gladiator, to action-packed amusement parks and traditional Italian puppet shows, there’s so much to do in The Eternal City. Discover where to take your children during a trip to Rome with this two-day itinerary.


Day one

Begin the day early with a 15-minute drive or a 30-minute walk to The Colosseum.
Piazza del Colosseo 1, 00184 Rome

The Colosseum

Instantly recognisable from postcards and history books, The Colosseum is Rome’s most iconic structure. Take your children on an eye-opening tour of the ancient arena and walk in the footsteps of the gladiators who fought to the death here, cheered on by Roman Emperors and tens of thousands of spectators.

Then, take a 10-minute drive to Gladiator School.

Birds Eye view of the inner court of the Colosseum in Rome
Picture of teenagers at the Gladiators School in Rome
T: +39 06 5160 7951 | Gruppo Storico Romano Gladiator School, Via Appia Antica 18, 00179 Rome

Gladiator School

With The Colosseum fresh in your mind, this is the perfect time to visit Gruppo Storico Romano Gladiator School. Begin in the museum and browse ancient artefacts such as swords and helmets (which you can try on), before taking part in a costumed gladiator-style training session and ‘tournament’.

Make your way to Luneur Park, which is a 15-minute drive away.

Via delle Tre Fontane 100, 00144 Rome

Luneur Park

If you’re visiting Rome at the weekend, Luneur Park is a definite highlight for children under 12. The amusement park has been designed with a ‘Garden of Wonders’ theme and is packed full of imaginative attractions such as a giant Ferris wheel, a golden labyrinth, exciting rides, adventure challenges and interactive workshops.

Next, take a 15-minute drive to Teatro Verde.

Detail shot from Luneur Park the amusement park in Rome
Puppets at The Greene Theater in Rome
T: +39 06 588 2034 | Circonvallazione Gianicolense 10, 00152 Rome

Teatro Verde

The “Green Theatre” has been running since 1979, and is entirely dedicated to entertaining children and families. Performance season runs from October through May and features everything from award-winning puppet shows, musicals and plays to workshops, storytelling sessions and playtime. Seat your kids with the other children in the first few rows of the production hall or watch one of the vibrant performances as a family in the seats further back. Shows start at 3pm or 5pm and are certain to keep everyone entertained.

Take a 20-minute drive to reach Bartolucci.

T: +39 06 6919 0894 | Via dei Pastini 96-98-99, 00186 Rome


Discover the art of Italian woodwork and treat your children to a figurine from the charming family-run Bartolucci toyshop. The magical store is filled with a wonderful collection of traditional handmade and painted wooden toys, available to buy. Naturally, the most popular character is Pinocchio, which children will instantly recognise from the Walt Disney movie.

To get back to the hotel, it’s a 15-minute walk or drive.

Detail shot of wooden toys from Bartolucci toy shop in Rome

Day two

Start the day with a picturesque 20-minute walk through Villa Borghese, or a 10-minute drive, to Bioparco di Roma.
Picture of a monkey from Bioparco di Roma in Rome
T: +39 06 360 8211 | Piazzale del Giardino Zoologico 1, 00197 Rome

Bioparco di Roma

Located on the beautiful 17th century Villa Borghese estate, Bioparco di Roma is a highlight for animal lovers. The 42-acre zoological park is home to over 1,000 animals and 200 species of mammals, birds, amphibians and reptiles. Some of the most exciting residents include monkeys, crocodiles, giraffes, owls, snakes and Asian elephants.

Next, take a 20-minute walk or a 10-minute drive to Explora.

T: +39 06 361 3776 | Via Flaminia, 80/86, 00196 Rome

Explora: Il Museo Dei Bambini Di Roma

When travelling with a young family, make time to visit Rome’s dedicated children’s museum, Explora. As well as being a fun place to play, the institution aims to stimulate and challenge youngsters with a large array of age-oriented interactive exhibits and workshops based around themes such as nature, food, transport, science, and much more.

The next location can be reached via a 20-minute drive.


A family at the Children's museum in Rome
Food detail of an ice cream from Il Gelato di San Crispino in Rome
T: +39 06 679 3924 | Via della Panetteria 42, 00187 Rome

Il Gelato di San Crispino

When in Rome, treat your little ones to authentic Italian gelato at Il Gelato di San Crispino. Based in the heart of the city, the gourmet gelateria is one of the city’s most popular, and for good reason. Visit to sample fine handcrafted gelato in a wealth of unusual flavours, such as liquorice or ginger and cinnamon, as well as plenty of child-friendly options.

Then, walk for 20 minutes or drive for 10 minutes to reach Studio Cassio.

T: +39 388 366 2406 | Studio Cassio, Via Urbana 98-98a, 00184 Rome

Studio Cassio – Arte del Mosaico

Make time for a couple of hours of family bonding with a mosaic-making class at the historic Studio Cassio. Under the guidance of a teacher, families work together using marble tiles of different shapes and sizes to reconstruct a beautiful Roman mosaic. It’s an entertaining and creative challenge and, best of all, you can take the finished mosaic away with you to proudly display at home.

Cinecittà World is a 35-minute drive from here.

Picture of children playing with mosaics at Studio Cassio – Arte del Mosaico in Rome
Picture of a roller coasters at Cinecittà World film-themed amusement park in Rome
T: +39 06 4041 1541 | Via di Castel Romano, 00128 Rome

Cinecittà World

If you still have the time and energy after a busy day, take a trip to Cinecittà World. The film-themed amusement park is full of activities for the whole family, from water rides and rollercoasters to live entertainment. Highlights for children include the Aqua Rodeo and the Light Speed car racing ride.

Sit back and reflect on the day with a 50-minute drive back to the hotel.


All journey times are approximate and subject to variation.


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