Corporate Responsibility

Dorchester Collection recognises the impact we make on society, the economy and the planet, and we are committed to making a positive difference in the places where we operate.

By acting in accordance with our mission and values, we actively demonstrate corporate responsibility in a manner founded on fair treatment of our people, responsiveness to the needs of our guests,environmental responsibility and ethical business practice.

Each hotel within the collection seeks to minimise the environmental impact of its operations, including those relating to energy consumption, water use, waste minimisation and management, product procurement and use, and the selection of materials in refurbishment and new build projects. Each hotel monitors its environmental impact and seeks continuous improvement in reducing its impact.

We also ensure that each hotel makes a positive contribution to the community in which it operates, not only through the provision of employment and other direct economic benefits but by addressing broader social and economic needs. This includes consideration of local community needs and identifying how we may work to offer our expertise and support. These types of pro-bono or fund-raising opportunities, which vary from hotel to hotel, are often driven by employees and may involve collaboration with other bodies such as charities or non-governmental organisations.