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Our ‘We Care’ philosophy, alongside our values of passion, personality, respect, working together and creativity, sits at the centre of everything we do. Together, we work as a talented community with a shared passion and commitment to each other and our loyal guests. Our exceptional hotels, steeped in history, glamour and stories, set the stage for our equally exceptional people.
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We value each and every employee as a part of our Dorchester Collection family, and we’d love you to begin your journey with us.
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Welcome to a place you can thrive and be yourself, where our overriding principle is a sense of belonging.

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We understand what it is to be unique – we embrace the creatives, outliers and those who aren’t keen on average. We’re here to help you push boundaries and achieve your ambitions and more. You are our legacy.


Thinking of joining our community of passionate, talented people? Explore our current opportunities to discover a career like no other, and become part of our extraordinary legacy.


Individuality is in our DNA. That’s why we’ve created a culture that celebrates difference, welcomes imagination and offers the freedom to take initiative.


We’re here to support and encourage you throughout your journey with Dorchester Collection, helping you to reach your full potential.