Prepare to be dazzled by Dubai

Destination guide

Rising from the desert like a shimmering mirage, Dubai is a thrilling mix of tradition and futuristic imagination, where spice-filled souks and golden beaches rub shoulders with cutting-edge attractions, majestic architecture and glittering skyscrapers. We’re here to guide you through this dazzling city.

The world’s best shopping? Pristine white-sand beaches? Architectural marvels? Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find it in Dubai. 

Prepare for surprises at every turn, from flocks of pink flamingos in Ras Al Khor wetland reserve to vibrant street art in trendy La Mer, or virtuosic technology in the Museum of the Future.


Where else could you go from spotting dolphins in the Arabian Gulf, or strolling through the world’s largest natural flower garden, to soaring skywards in a futuristic skyscraper in a matter of minutes? Discover the ultra-modern architecture, rich heritage and natural attractions of Dubai, a city truly like no other.

Dynamic energy

Innovative design

Vibrant culture