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Park Lane

45 Park Lane

A place of warm intimacy, dressed in the finery of style. Dazzling, glamorous and remarkably good fun.

Sparkling with a joyful sense of occasion and a fondness for protecting privacy.

Where a playful heart beats to the rhythm of endless curiosity and generous spirit.

Guests, not numbers

45 Park Lane offers an unprecedented approach to service. During your stay, your very own host will be on hand as your butler, concierge, bath preparer and personal font of useful knowledge.

Modernist architecture

Boutique vibe

Contemporary art

At 45 Park Lane, we promise an unparalleled experience where kindness meets personality, ensuring every moment is extraordinary. 

Lee Kelly, General Manager, 45 Park Lane


Mayfair's best kept secret

Our impressive pool is perfect both for serious swimmers and those who prefer life at a gentler pace. A traditional Venetian floral mosaic provides a beautiful backdrop to a place of languid pleasure, best admired from the wonderful hydro pool.


Better when shared

An experience at 45 Park Lane provides incredible moments, delicious food and unforgettable nights. Our gifts and experiences show you the very best ways to discover our hotel and assure you of some happy gift recipients.

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